Board of Directors

Brett Boniface


Brett Boniface holds the office of President on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors.

Brett has been a member of Cycling BC for the better part of the past 14 years, and recently took over the role of President of the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo. During that time he’s had the significant opportunity to travel the globe through studies, business and pleasure all the while being able to ride and race his bike on all but one continent. He wants to revive the racing scene and capitalize on the exponential growth in recreational cycling that has occurred over the past 5 years.

Brett wants to see Cycling BC leverage this new interest and harness this energy. He wants to create new partnerships and build on existing ones, and work with Gran Fondos, Randonneur groups, BC Master’s Cycling and the various off road societies. With the right strategy and plan in place, Cycling BC can play a leading role in the recreational side of sport and work with all parties to ensure continuous growth and bring all communities together.

Brett would like to develop some commonality, specifically a Fondo Series for the Cycling BC Member while at the same time promoting heavily on youth development and involvement, just like the French have been doing for the last decade. Like many parents his time commitments have shifted more to his children (2) and less on racing a bicycle. However, he has no plans of leaving the sport, and he’s determined to grow our provincial organization so that not only his kids, but everyone has the opportunities to experience the beauty of cycling.

Brett Boniface - President

Tim Abercrombie

Vice Chair

Tim Abercrombie is a Project Manager for a consulting engineering firm managing major environmental and climate change related projects. As a working professional, Tim has had significant success competing against many of Canada’s top professional riders and has been working to develop the sport of Cycling in BC for the last 10 years.

Tim has roots with the Escape Velocity Cycling Club, and co-founded the Elite team Garneau Evolution in 2009. Together with the arrival of a new family member and an old home, Tim will be racing less and putting his energy into helping develop the sport of Cycling in BC. Tim is looking forward to engaging members of the road cycling community to ensure Cycling BC meets their sporting needs.

Tim Abercrombie - Vice Chair

Marc Campbell

Director At Large

Meghan Grant

Director At Large

Meghan Grant works as a specialist Emergency Physician at Vancouver General Hospital and Sport Medicine Physician at Fortius Sport and Health. Meghan has also been actively involved in the cycling community, racing on both the road and track, volunteering at local races, and providing medical coverage at the World Cup level.

Meghan feels cycling has the potential to change lives and improve the health of the population. She is passionate about continuing the development of the sport in BC at all levels – from recreational to high-performance –  and to reducing barriers to entry, particularly for women and youth.

Meghan Grant - Director At Large

Stephanie Hotchkiss

Director At Large

Stephanie Hotchkiss’ experience with non-profit organisations has been extensive, with the District Parent Advisory Council of the largest school district in BC, representing 70,000+ learners and their families.

Stephanie has been a Commissaire for BMX since 2012 and now holds a “B” level.

Supporting a Para Athlete competing in an able body sport (BMX) has drawn to her attention the work needed in bringing awareness to these athletes and these disciplines. Experiencing the frustration and the inaccessibility of information for both athlete and coach this past year, has motivated her to understand the needs of the coaches and riders in order to grow para-cycling. She looks forward to working with everyone whose passion is to have equal accessibility through information and communication, and to grow this sport into the amazing opportunity she knows it can be.

Stephanie Hotchkiss - Director At Large

Thierry Keable


Cycling has been an integral part of Thierry Keable’s life since his early teens, having spent his formative years racing on the Provincial (Quebec) and National mountain biking circuit. With the passing of time, Thierry’s focus has been less on trying to hang on to the pack and more on enjoying every minute of riding time he can get. Thierry’s vision of cyclocross is that of an inclusive and playfully irreverent discipline. 

Thierry brings more than 10 years of advisory experience on corporate governance, risk management and strategic issues to Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. Thierry is General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc., the publicly listed entity that manages and operates Whistler Blackcomb and Crankworx Events. A born skier and cyclist, Thierry is proud to call Whistler home and to be raising a family in an active and positive environment. 

Thierry Keable - Secretary

Jeannie Mansell

Director At Large

Jeannie Mansell has been a member of Cycling BC since 2008 when she purchased her first BMX bike, UCI licence, and rode on a BMX track for the first time. Since then she has participated in each race season in district, provincial and BC Cup series. Over the past 3 years she participated in the BMX World Championships, proudly representing Canada in Woman Cruiser 30+.

Jeannie’s goals are to bring the different disciplines together to support the growth of youth cycling, not only to the present members’ children, but to youth in the greater community. She is interested in developing a strategy that increases the number of women and girls involved in cycling by creating more opportunities to try the sport in a supportive, professional and fun atmosphere.

Jeannie Mansell - Director At Large

Gord Reddy

Director At Large

Gord Reddy is the guy who rings the bell and turns the lap board at Burnaby Friday Nighters. He has been riding and helping out at the local velodromes for the past two and a half years and has developed a strong respect for the track community as well as a love for track cycling. As a youngster he rode all over the Lower Mainland and remembers riding on the China Creek Velodrome while the caretaker turned a blind eye. He came back to cycling 20 years ago, first mountain biking then road riding. When his son Jason started riding BMX he did a fair bit of riding on the local tracks, but now Gord rides recreationally.

Gord hasn’t done a lot of racing (a few road races and even fewer BMX races), but he has organized four road races. He has spent a lot of time and energy dealing with the traffic control issues for road-racing in Langley and Abbotsford. He currently works on maintaining the Burnaby Velodrome and has never walked away from helping at any event he attends!

As a Director At Large for Cycling BC, he sees the chance to serve the track cycling community in Burnaby and Victoria. He would like to work towards sharing resources, like billeting and transport, as well as information and facilities. Through a shared effort between Cycling BC and the two tracks and the velodrome community, we can ensure both Victoria and Burnaby remains viable and steadily developed.

Gord Reddy - Director At Large