Manage a Cycling Team & Race Day Support

This course is one part of the Training to Race workshop.  Completion of all parts of the workshop are required for accreditation as an Instructor or Coach.

Managing a cycling team can be an overwhelming experience for untrained personnel.  This course helps to prepare coaches and team managers for the experience they will face going on projects with cyclists.  Emphasis will be upon effectively support athletes to perform at their best in competition.

The Training Basics group of courses in prerequisite for this course. 

Outcome Criteria
  • Design a budget for a training camp or competition
  • Effectively communicate with athletes, colleagues, parents, organisers
  • Develop preseason, in-season, and postseason reports
  • Devise a process for athlete event development and selection
  • Write a coach development plan for a cycling club
  • Maintain a reflective journaling process
  • Take part in learning the UCI and NGB rules for cycling disciplines
  • Promote multiple cycling disciplines in development at a club
  • Prepare pre-race and post-race plans for cyclists
  • Organise and manage athletes in warm-up and cool-down activities
  • Obtain and distribute event schedules and materials
  • Provide mental, technical, & tactical advice at events

This course is part of the Training to Race group. Completion of this course is required to attain NCCP Trained Coach status.

Duration – 3hrs

Cost $40