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Bruce Denis, President:

Jeff Clarke, Vice President BMX:

Brett Boniface, Vice President Cycling for All:

Matt Klymson, Vice President Cyclo-cross:

Tony Martin, Vice President Financial Oversight:

Patrick Beckstead, Vice President Mountain Bike:

Tim Abercrombie, Vice President Road:

Gord Reddy, Vice President Track:

Graeme Martindale, Vice President Para-Cycling:



Bruce Denis

Bruce Denis holds the office of Presidenton Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. Bruce not only has 27 years in competitive cycling (track, road and mtn bike) but also professional expertise as Manager of Institute Planning at BCIT where he turns strategic goals and priorities into actions with measurable outcomes.He believes CBC’s new strategic plan is a road map to success. It identifies the key areas of improvement and it is focused on extending the value it provides to its members. Bruce is committed to ensuring the strategic plan stays on track throughout its 3 year span and that CBC continues to listen to its members and leverage its internal expertise to make the right decisions for everyone.

He is also committed to re-establishing transparent accountability with the provincial government to strengthen our primary source of funding. And although guiding the operations and direction of a large association is complicated, he hopes his experience building and implementing models of governance, accountability, strategy, engagement, communication, resources and funding will be of considerable value to CBC in these challenging times.

On a personal level, he has been racing since 1986 and like all of you, the bike dominates his life. He has also had the good fortune of organizing the UCI sanctioned Burnaby 4 Day track race with the late Jeremy Storie. He has a wonderfully supportive wife and two kids who are beginning their own adventures on the bike.


Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke holds the office of Vice President BMX on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. Jeff lives in South Surrey with his wife and son where he owns and operates a window cleaning business. He is a transplant from Ontario to Whistler where he lived the difficult life of a snowboarder for 8 years, traveling and working at restaurants and hotels along the way. As the Track Operator at Langley BMX he has been a part of 3 rebuilds, 2 National events, a BC Summer Games and countless Tuesday night races. He recently won a NAG 1 plate in his Cruiser Class in 2012 and a District #1 plate for BMX. You can find him in Langley announcing, handing our trophies, sweeping corners and riding his bike every race night.





Matt Klymson

Matt Klymson holds the office of Vice President Cyclo-cross. In between enjoying riding and racing on the trails and roads of BC during the past decade, Matt spent several years as the Club President for West Coast Racing (and its predecessor Krebs Cycle Club). During this time, he was closely involved with the organization of the long-running Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic, plus the mountain bike events Cardiac Classic on Burnaby Mountain and the West Coast Super D in Belcarra. West Coast Racing was awarded recognition as Cycling BC’s “Mountain Bike Club of the Year” for its efforts. Having served as the Executive VP on the Ontario Cycling Association’s board of directors while residing there prior to relocating to B.C. with his family, Matt also brings prior experience with board-level operations in the cycling community to his role as VP Cyclo-cross.

During weekdays Matt works in sales at a small Vancouver tech company, where daily practice sharing information about his company’s products gives him a perfect forum to keep his skills sharp for talking about all things cycling!



Brett Boniface

Brett Boniface holds the office of Vice President of Cycling for All on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors.

Brett has been a member of Cycling BC for the better part of the past 14 years, and recently took over the role of President of the Prospera Valley Gran Fondo. During that time he’s had the significant opportunity to travel the globe through studies, business and pleasure all the while being able to ride and race his bike on all but one continent. He wants to revive the racing scene and capitalize on the exponential growth in recreational cycling that has occurred over the past 5 years.

Brett wants to see Cycling BC leverage this new interest and harness this energy. He wants to create new partnerships and build on existing ones, and work with Gran Fondos, Randonneur groups, BC Master’s Cycling and the various off road societies. With the right strategy and plan in place, Cycling BC can play a leading role in the recreational side of sport and work with all parties to ensure continuous growth and bring all communities together.

As VP Cycling for All, Brett would like to develop some commonality, specifically a Fondo Series for the Cycling BC Member while at the same time promoting heavily on youth development and involvement, just like the French have been doing for the last decade. Like many parents his time commitments have shifted more to his children (2) and less on racing a bicycle. However, he has no plans of leaving the sport, and he’s determined to grow our provincial organization so that not only his kids, but everyone has the opportunities to experience the beauty of cycling.




Tony Martin

Tony Martin holds the office of Vice President of Financial Oversight on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors.

Tony is chartered accountant and international tax partner at KPMG in Vancouver. He first got interested in road biking in the mid 1980s when an elementary school friend of his convinced him they should get road bikes to be able to ride faster than on our mountain bikes. In the late 90s and early 2000s he got quite involved in triathlon but always knew that the riding element was his love. He’s made great friends and had fantastic experiences on his bike. Over the past few years he’s done many of the Fondos in BC and finally in 2012 he got the nerve to do some racing as a Cat 4 in the Spring Series, Barry’s Roubaix, Race the Ridge, Westside Classic, and a few Tuesday night races.



Patrick Beckstead

Patrick Beckstead holds the office of Vice President of Mountain Bike on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors.Patrick was elected as Vice-President Mountain Bike at the 2013 AGM. He has been a “competitive” cyclist and worked in the cycling industry for more than 20 yrs now. He has two young children and would like to ensure as healthy race scene for them as he had. His race career began racing in Ontario. He moved to Vancouver to ride and race 18 years ago, and has competed in multiple cycling disciples (XC, DH, CX, & Road). He is familiar with what creates a top notch event.He would like to see the sport of mountain bike racing continue to grow and evolve here in BC, and facilitate the return of a provincial series. He would like to see greater inclusion of both enduro and marathon format at the provincial level, and develop the masters racing scene with families in tow, and introduce the next generation of racers to the sport.




Tim Abercrombie

Tim Abercrombie holds the office of Vice President Road on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. Tim is a Project Manager for a consulting engineering firm managing major environmental and climate change related projects. As a working professional, Tim has had significant success competing against many of Canada’s top professional riders and has been working to develop the sport of Cycling in BC for the last 10 years.

Tim has roots with the Escape Velocity Cycling Club, and co-founded the Elite team Garneau Evolution in 2009. Together with the arrival of a new family member and an old home, Tim will be racing less in 2013 and putting his energy into helping develop the sport of Cycling in BC. Tim is looking forward to engaging members of the road cycling community to ensure Cycling BC meets their sporting needs.




Gord Reddy

Gord Reddy holds the office of Vice President Track on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. Gordon Reddy is the guy who rings the bell and turns the lap board at Burnaby Friday Nighters. He has been riding and helping out at the local velodromes for the past two and a half years and has developed a strong respect for the track community as well as a love for track cycling. As a youngster he rode all over the Lower Mainland and remembers riding on the China Creek Velodrome while the caretaker turned a blind eye. He came back to cycling 20 years ago, first mountain biking then road riding. When his son Jason started riding BMX he did a fair bit of riding on the local tracks, but now Gord rides recreationally.

Gord hasn’t done a lot of racing (a few road races and even fewer BMX races), but he has organized four road races. He has spent a lot of time and energy dealing with the traffic control issues for road-racing in Langley and Abbotsford. He currently works on maintaining the Burnaby Velodrome and has never walked away from helping at any event he attends!

With the new VP Track position he sees the chance to serve the track cycling community in Burnaby and Victoria. He would like to work towards sharing resources, like billeting and transport, as well as information and facilities. Through a shared effort between Cycling BC and the two tracks and the velodrome community, we can ensure both Victoria and Burnaby remains viable and steadily developed.



Graeme Martindale

Graeme Martindale holds the office of Vice President Para on Cycling BC’s Board of Directors, and is a partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (“BLG”) a national law firm focusing on business law, commercial litigation and intellectual property solutions. At BLG he practises in the areas of securities and capital markets, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, mining, and corporate law. He has been a competitive rider for many years racing road and cycloc-cross for teams such as Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes and Team TNA p/b Shape Properties. As VP Paracycling, Graeme will be helping the Society with our strategic objectives related to para-cycling cycling development.