Comprehensive General Liability

General Liability Insurance is designed to protect a person against legal responsibility arising out of a negligent act or failure to act as a prudent person would have acted to which results in bodily injury or property damage to another party. Any individual involved in your activity can claim damages as a result of an injury. Even though you may not be negligent in your actions, defence costs alone can be financially devastating. This policy will provide protection for both legal defence costs and any compensatory damages that may be awarded, subject to the limits and conditions of the policy. Transferring your risk to an insurance policy provides you the opportunity to run your activity with peace of mind.

What activities are covered?
All sanctioned and approved cycling activities. All activities must be documented and approved by the Provincial Association, Club President or NCCP certified Coach.  If you require further clarification contact the Cycling BC office.

Who is an insured?
All employees, volunteers, officers, directors, coaches, managers, affiliated clubs, and or teams, members. Also municipalities, government departments, sponsors and organizers but only as it relates to their involvement in a sanctioned event.

A sanctioned event is defined as an organized group ride which is documented prior to the date of the event and on file with Cycling BC. Lists of individual members participating in the ride must be on file with the insured. Events organized and conducted by an individual member does not automatically constitute a sanctioned event. An executive of a member club or an executive of the Cycling BC will be required to provide sanctioning approval prior to the event taking place.

Failure to obtain sanctioning approval or failure to document the sanctioned event may result in a breach of coverage and the insurer shall not have any duty to defend any individual member for any suit arising as a result of a non sanctioned event or improperly documented sanctioned event.

Here is the summary of our coverage with Marsh Insurance
PDF MARSH – Insurance Program Summary 2014