2014 Insurance Certificates

This page allows you to apply for insurance certificates.

You can CLICK HERE to apply for and pay the processing fee for your insurance certificate. You’ll need a major credit card to do so, as well as the information described above in Section 4.


1. What is an Insurance Certificate?

An insurance certificate is a document proving that the current affiliated member organization (club, team, business, or organizer) is covered by Cycling BC’s insurance policy. The insurance certificate does not in and of itself grant insurance coverage. In fact, if no third party asks you to name them on an insurance certificate, then you don’t need to apply for one.

Important Note: Even if you don’t need an insurance certificate, you still need to follow the sanction process in Section 2 below before your activity or event is covered under the policy.

Insurance coverage is granted for Sanctioned Events and Activities. Examples of activities and events that can be sanctioned are:

  • Races
  • Rides
  • Training activities
  • Some social or fund raising activities of the club or team

Coverage is extended to all members of the event organization, club or team, including directors, employees and volunteers, as well as to sponsors, landowners, governments, and municipalities for liability arising from their role in the Sanctioned Event. The limit of liability is $10,000,000 / incident.

2. What is the process I need to follow to make sure my Event or Activity is covered by Cycling BC’s Insurance Policy?

First, you  must complete the sanction process for the event or activity. The sanction process is this:

    1. RENEW  YOUR CLUB or TEAM AFFILIATION FOR THE CURRENT YEAR and PURCHASE A CLUB/TEAM COI: If the activity or event is being organized by or in cooperation with a BC Cycling Club or Team, ensure that the Club or Team has first renewed its affiliation with Cycling BC for the current year. No activity or event can be sanctioned or insured until this is done. Then purchase online your club/ team certificate of insurance (COI).
    2. PURCHASE A TECHNICAL UCI LICENSE and GET COMMERCIAL EVENT INSURANCE FOR THE CURRENT YEAR: If the activity or event is being held by an individual or an unaffiliated group, society, or corporation, then the individual responsible for organizing the event must first become a license holder as per item 9 (below) in this section. Also, in this case, the event must purchase a Commercial Event Insurance policy through our insurance provider. This can be done when applying for the insurance certificate.
    3. FILL OUT A REQUEST FOR A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE and/or RACE SANCTION APPLICATION FORM: You must send Cycling BC’s office the following information:
      • The location and date of the event or activity
      • The type of event or activity. For example:
        • A race (if a race, describe the cycling discipline and sub-discipline)
        • A club or team ride
        • A club or team fund-raiser
        • A training activity
      • You can also sanction and insure a series of activities all at the same time. If so, you need to provide the information described above for each individual activity / event in the series
      • The name of the license holder who will be organizing and supervising the activities / events.
    4. CREATE AN EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN: You must ensure that you have created an emergency response plan for the activity or event, and that you have arranged to provide a reasonable amount of supervision and a reasonable number of certified first aid responders given the size and type of activity. For example, a club or team ride needs to be supervised by at least 1 ride leader and at least 1 certified first aid responder (this can be the same person as the ride leader)
    5. PAY FOR SANCTION APPLICATION & CALENDAR FEE: In the case of a race or series of races, the Sanction Application and applicable Calendar Fee must first be received by the Cycling BC office. In case of a series of races, please use the appropriate Series Registration Form instead
    6. ARRANGE FOR PERMITS & PERMISSION LETTERS: You must arrange for all necessary permits and letters of permission for your activity or event
    7. FOLLOW UCI & CBC RULES: In the case of a race, you must agree to follow all applicable Cycling BC policies and UCI/CCA regulations for the type and level of race
    8. ABIDE BY ALL LAWS: You must take reasonable steps to make sure that no local, provincial, or national laws are broken when organizing or executing the activity or event
    9.  REPORT ALL INJURIES IN A TIMELY MANNER: You must report any injuries requiring transportation to hospital to Cycling BC following the activity or event (or after each event in a series
    10. GET A UCI TECHNICAL and/or RACE LICENSE: As the organizer of the activity or event, you must have the appropriate license, as follows:
      • Races: Race Organizer license
      • Rides: A race license in the discipline in question, a manager license, a riding/racing instructor license, or a coach license
      • Training Activities: A coach license (or be in the process of undergoing NCCP coach training)
      • Other activities: An organizer, manager, coach or race license

3. Where can I find the forms I need to Sanction my Activity or Event?

The Race Sanction Application forms and Race Series Registration forms are found in the race organizer’s section of the web site relevant to each discipline. So the forms for road and mountain are on the Race Organizer’s page in the Road or Mountain Bike Section of our web site. Each discipline has a Race Organizer’s page; the necessary forms for races in each discipline are always found there.

The form you need to send to Cycling BC for any other activity or event is found at the bottom of this page. The Injury Report form is also found below.

4. I’ve completed the the steps described above. What information do I need before applying for my insurance certificate?

Note 1: The text below sometimes refers to a “single event license”; this has also sometimes been known as a “day license” or “1-day license”. They are the same thing.

Note 2: Use of the term “cross liability” below may be requested by a large corporation with many business units; this is done to show that all of the corporation’s business units are protected by our insurance policy. This terminology is generally not needed unless an additional insured specifically asks for it.

Before applying, please make sure you gather ALL of the following information:

  • The type of insurance certificate that you need:
    • An certificate for club or team activities / events / races
    • A commercial event insurance certificate
  • Whether the certificate is for a single event or a series of events
  • The name of the event or series of events
  • The date and location of the event OR the dates and locations of all of the events in the series
  • The e-mail address and phone number of the event organizer, or the series coordinator
  • The number of club members or license holders you expect will attend the event
  • The number of non-members (that is, please who need to buy a single event license) that you expect will attend the event
  • The name of the BC registered club or team organizing the event or series of events (if applicable; if not, simply list “n/a”)
  • The expected age categories of the participants who will attend. Select all that apply of Youth (ages 4 – 16), Junior (17-18), Senior (19-29), and Master (30 – 80)
  • A description of any non-cycling related activities that will be held at the event (example: entertainment, food service, non-cycling recreational or fund raising activity )
  • An estimate of the number of spectators that will attend
  • Whether or not you’ll be renting or borrowing temporary stages, large tents, lighting systems, or bleachers for the event? If so, please arrange to have Cycling BC named on a certificate of insurance by the company supplying this equipment.
  • Whether or not you’ll be serving liquor at the event? If so, please arrange to send Cycling BC a copy of your liquor permit. Also, ensure that the person(s) serving liquor are “Serving it Right” certified.
  • Indicate whether the event or series has been held in the past
  • Indicate whether the event or series has suffered a loss in the past 5 years; if so, you must send the loss history of the event or series to the Cycling BC office
  • Indicate if road closures are required for the event. If so, you must send a map of the road closures to the Cycling BC office
  • Indicate whether any of the named additional insureds require the phrase “cross liability” to be printed on the insurance certificate
  • Indicate whether any of the named additional insureds require that the certificate is printed on a special form that they supply (for example, the BC Ministry of Transportation often requires this). If so, please send Cycling BC the form
  • Provide the name, full address, and duties of all additional insureds to be named on the certificate. The exact spelling and wording of the name is important, so please be sure to provide it. The duties are one of the following:
    • Land owner
    • Municipality
    • Government
    • Sponsor

5. Insurance Certificate Processing Fees

The following processing fees apply to all insurance certificates. The processing fees for insurance certificates are structured to provide an incentive for organizers to apply for certificates early, and to help cover the significant administrative costs of managing our insurance program. The last minute processing fees are significantly higher. The processing fees are:

Club / Team Activity or Event Certificate: $25 ($50 if applied for less than 14 days in advance of the first day of the event or activity), plus any day of insurance fees ($30 for any age of participant for excess medical coverage).

Commercial Event Insurance Certificate: $325 ($375 if applied for less than 14 days in advance of the first day of the activity or event), plus any day of insurance fees ($5 for U17 youth riders and $10 for O16 junior/adult riders).

Certificate Change Requests: $0 ($10 if the change request filed less than 7 days before the first day of the activity or event)

6. Is there another way I can apply for and pay for my Insurance Certificate processing fee?

No; you must use the form found below. This is to minimize the possibility for error and to improve the efficiency with which we can process certificate applications.

7. If I need to make a change to my insurance certificate or supply additional information (as described by the form), who do I contact?

Contact Diana Hardie at the Cycling BC office. e-mail: diana@cyclingbc.net or 604-737-3034

8. If I’m getting a Commercial Event policy, how do I know how much it will cost?

The cost for Commercial Event policies is calculated as follows:

Base fee of $325 plus the organizer needs to remit $10 for adult day of insurance and $5 for U17 youth day of insurance applicants (i.e. those who buy single event licenses). When processing your application, our office will contact you with a cost estimate. The premium is billed after the event when doing the post-event accounting.

9. I’ve read everything above and am ready to apply for my insurance certificate.

Note: The insurance certificate application web form is hosted on an external web site; clicking the link below will redirect you to it.

You can CLICK HERE to apply for and pay the processing fee for your insurance certificate. You’ll need a major credit card to do so, as well as the information described above in Section 4.

What to Expect After Applying for an Insurance Certificate

After filling in the form and paying for the processing fee, a receipt should appear in your browser window, and should also be e-mailed to the address that you supplied when applying. Keep the receipt for your records. Cycling BC also receives an e-mail notification whenever a certificate request is made. We process insurance certificate requests several times each week. Once we have received the completed insurance certificate back from our insurance broker, we will e-mail it to you.

As soon as you receive your insurance certificate, please check to make sure that it is correct. Corrections can be made at any time, usually at no cost, but there is change fee of $10 / correction if they’re made less than 7 days prior to the event.

2014 Event Sanction Application Form
2014 Club DNO Application Form

2014 Day of Insurance Forms

2014 Commercial Single Event Entry or Day of Insurance Form: 2014 Commercial Insurance – SEL

Organizers who purchase the commercial certificate for $325 have access to cheaper day of insurance for single event licensees.  Adults pay the organizer $10 day of insurance and this can be applied to the purchase of a membership or race license at any time during the calendar year.   Youth pay the organizer $5 day of insurance, and same price can be applied to a race license or membership.

2014 Grassroots Single Event Entry or Day of Insurance Form: 2014 Grassroots Insurance – SEL

Organizers who purchased a grassroots certificate for $25 can offer participants day of insurance for single event licensees.  All participants pay a flat fee of $30 which can be applied to a membership or race license at any time during the calendar year.