National Coaches Certification Program

The National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP)  is delivered in British Columbia in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia, viaSport and Cycling BC. It is a competency-based program with three streams (Community, Competition, Instruction) founded on five core competencies and made concrete by seven coaching outcomes.

Similar to most sports, the NCCP coach development pathway for cycling includes two of the three streams, Community and Competition.

Community: The Community stream helps coaches working with participants in the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Active Start, FUNdamentals (Community Initiation) or Active for Life stage (On-going Participation). There is no certification at the conclusion of the community stream coaching courses, however, Cycling BC is exploring a short written, multiple-choice exam that new coaches would complete at the end of the Community Initiation course to aid in evaluating comprehension and coach confidence. This exam is currently in beta for 2019 and will be subject to Cycling Canada approval before official use in future years. Please follow the links above to explore these contexts in greater detail.

Competition: The Competition stream helps coaches working with participants in the LTAD Learn to Train, Train to Train stage (Competition Introduction) and Learn to Compete and Train to Compete (Competition Development) stages. More specifically, the Competition Introduction stream helps coaches working with children in a club environment, aged 9-12 and 12-16 respectively; whereas the Competition Development stream focuses on older riders (16-21yr) who are pursuing success at the national level. Coaches who complete all NCCP and multi-sport modules are deemed ‘Trained’ and can seek certification through the submission of a portfolio.

The NCCP Instruction stream is not included in the cycling coach pathway due to existing programs, like Can-Bike, Sprockids, and the PMBI. Learn more here.

Trained vs. Certified: The NCCP distinguishes between coaches that are ‘Trained’ versus those that are ‘Certified’. Coaches that have completed training modules to acquire or refine skills and knowledge in a particular coaching context (i.e. Competition-Introduction). are considered “trained”.

Achieving “Certified” status requires coaches to demonstrate abilities to perform within a coaching context in areas such as program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, support to participants during training, and support to participants in competition. Competition-Introduction certification includes written submissions and exams, whereas the Competition-Development certification also includes on-site evaluations.

NCCP coaches are described as follows:

  • In Training  – when they have completed some of the required training for a context
  • Trained        – when they have completed all required training for a context
  • Certified      – when they have completed all evaluation requirements for a context

Achieving certification is an important step in any coach’s career and Cycling BC is dedicated to helping our members build the skills and confidence needed to demonstrate their competency in the context of their choice. Various services and resources are available through Cycling BC’s 2019-2022 Coach Development Strategic Plan to help coaches pursue and achieve certified status including grants, incentives and recognition.  In alignment with the Coaches Association of Canada, The National Coaches Certification Program and Cycling Canada, Cycling BC believes that all British Columbians should have equal opportunity to pursue coach training and demonstrate their competency through an evaluative process.

Getting Started: Cycling BC facilitates Community Initiation and Competition Introduction courses. Courses are scheduled by the NCCP Liaison and are most often available in the winter and spring. To request a course, please contact

Please use the links below to explore each context in greater detail:

Cycling BC Coach & Builder Web:  To illustrate the coach and program development opportunities available through the NCCP and Cycling BC, please refer to the Coach & Builder web graphic below. To start, choose your preferred LTAD stage from one of the four corners and read inwards.