Cycling BC Youth Club: Event Submission

Youth Cycling Club: Event Submission

Please fill out the below form to help Cycling BC learn how we can best help grow youth participation at your cycling club this season.
  • Applicant Contact Information

  • What is your official Cycling BC club name?
  • Please choose your BC Games zone central to your catchment area.
  • Please specify the school district that is priority to your club's catchment area.
  • This person is the program's head coach and organizer.
  • Website or facebook page
  • Please list all other coaches that led groups at your club. This information will be stored by our administrative assistance for any future inquiries: Name, Email, Phone
  • Regular Club Activities

  • Please provide specific details of ALL regular club practices: Date, Time, Location, Requirements. This information will help us publish your practice details with accuracy as sourcing this material from your websites/facebook pages is beyond our administrative capacity. Thank you.
  • Please upload an event flyer for your club. If you request that we create one on your behalf, please upload a high quality photo that encapsulates your club. Max. size 24 MB, 5 images
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  • To help us process your submission quickly, please submit a logo. Please either submit vector format or PNG with clear background for best effect. Cycling BC's iRide program is also publishing rackcards this year (unique to each region) and distributing at all schools. Submitting your logo here will help us add you to these cards.
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  • How many new riders do you need a year in order to pay for your coaching staff? (10-30?)
  • Can you offer a free session to new children?
  • Please list 5 nearby schools in which most of your club participants are enrolled. We will do our best to contact this school about the local cycling opportunities provided by your club.
  • Club Taster (Open House)

    Cycling BC is experimenting with a new style of club open house event, called a Club Taster Pro Ride. If you would like to host a special day that caters to BRAND NEW club riders, please complete the below section. This offering is scheduling and budget dependant as our resources are limited to help with boots on the ground but we are happy to help organize the event. Participants sign up online at Cycling BC, and sign the CBC waiver + any waiver you attach in this submission. You will be given access to download the report at any time leading up to the event. Full details @
  • Club Taster: a special day in which you are ready to welcome new kids to the club. Club Taster Pro Ride: similar as above, however Cycling BC helps support a local pro rider make a special appearance (if budget allows)
  • "Open House" Start Time
  • "Open House" End Time
  • "Open House" Session
  • If you have more than one program, road and mtn bike, and would like to host a club taster for each program, please specific date/time for other events here.
  • Please specify 1 nearby school. We will do our best to help advertise this event. Type the first letter of the school name until your school pops up:
  • Any additional questions or comments that you would like to make at this time?
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