Cycling BC HopOn After-School Instructor Application

Complete this form to start a new or returning Cycling BC HopOn After-School Program.

HopOn: After-School Program Application Form

To be completed by HopOn lead instructors. 28 days notice required for advertising/admin support. 14 days notice required for insurance purposes.
  • Verify your number or create an account, go to:
  • Are you a FIRST-YEAR program requesting a grant? All instructors must achieve their ORANGE leadership certificate (NCCP Community 'trained' status and HopOn Instructor certification). Learn more at RETURNING programs are subject to per program admin & insurance fees. See our website for a breakdown.
  • How many NCCP-Trained Instructors will be involved? Cycling BC HopOn ratios are 1:10 on grass fields, and 1:6 in green trail systems. If you are a new instructor or if you are working with ages below 6, smaller ratios are required.
  • How many instructors require NCCP training? All instructors must achieve NCCP Community Coach "Trained" Status and HopOn Instructor "Certified" status. This includes a variety of eLearning on-demand, online-facilitated, and in-person modules. Please expect the process to require 7-28 days.
  • Do you have any parents or non-NCCP-trained adults who plan on on attending to help tail-gun and ensure adult/child ratios stay within 1:6 (on trails) and 1:10 (open spaces). All chaperones are required to hold a valid Cycling BC Membership and provide a clear criminal record check @
  • Please list all other instructors involved in your program (and or grant application), including their name, email, phone. All instructors must register @ and complete their training prior the program start date.
  • Program Details

  • We can discuss your program title over the phone to find the best name for your needs and goals. Our guidelines include either: CITY NAME + MASCOT p/b iRide, OR CITY NAME MTB Program p/b HopOn. For school teachers, SCHOOL NAME BIKE CLUB p/b HopOn.
  • To multi-select, please hold the "Ctrl' button" during selection. The number of levels you cater to is limited by the number of coaches involved in your program. 1 instructor = offer 1 level, 2 instructors = offer 2 different levels, etc. The level system has been designed for our after-school program and Level 3 requirements usually help ensure that riders are ready for after-school biking, both physically and mentally. We suggest iRide Level 3-4 programs for ages 7-10, iRide Level 5 programs for ages 11+. Explore further details of the levels @
  • To multi-select, please hold the "Ctrl' button" during selection. We suggest traditional Cycling BC Level 3-4 programs for ages 7-10, and Cycling BC Level 5-6 programs for ages 11+.
  • How many participants are you expecting?
  • How many sessions are being offered? The HopOn After-School program is designed to include 1 session/week, for 3-6 weeks. The optimal duration is 6 weeks. If you wish to offer a program greater than 6 sessions or that meets more than once a week, please contact us to explore how best to create a Youth Club instead. What is the difference between an HopOn After-School and Youth Club program? Youth Clubs include programs that meet for 8-16 weeks and can include 1-2 sessions per week. Youth Club participants must hold a full $65-75 Cycling BC Membership.
  • What is the cost to participants? If you wish to offer a free program, please note, all instructors must hold a valid Cycling BC membership ($65/yr), and this program is designed to create value for cycling coaching in your area. At a minimum, we strongly recommend your program costs $7-$12/hr per session.
  • We do not recommend activating drop-in options for most programs due to the greater administrative cost on the part of you, the lead instructor. However, in certain circumstances, drop-in is very beneficial.
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  • We recommend a 4 pm start time. If you expect children to ride to school and then directly to your program, you may choose an earlier start time.
  • Depending on the age of your participants, you can choose a longer session duration. For children under 8, we recommend a 60-minute session. For children 8-10, a 75-minute session. For children 11+, we permit a 90-minute session. Please take the total duration (hours) into consideration when deciding on the total price of your program.
  • Where does your program start/end? If your program plans to use numerous locations, please disclose all of the locations below, labeled with the appropriate date.
  • Please disclose the address of session #1. If you are meeting at a park, please specify the name of the park or the GPS coordinates in the "address line 2"
  • Do you ALREADY have permission to conduct your sessions at this location? If so, please forward proof of permission via email. If not, Cycling BC will liaise to help secure a permit.
  • Do you require a Certificate of Insurance for an operating permit? A $25 charge will be deducted from your post-event invoice in the case a COI is required by the landowner. Often times, this may only be needed once per year.
  • If you need help securing a permit, please disclose the name of the Parks & Recreation Manager that Cycling BC should liaise with.
  • Please also provide the appropriate email.
  • To expedite your request, please list the name and address of all organizations that need to be listed on the COI as additionally insured. For example, the landowner (school district?) or municipality.
  • HopOn After-School Development Grant

    If you are a NEW HopOn After-School Instructor and applying to access our training and equipment for the FIRST TIME, complete the following section
  • What kind of program are you planning to run?
  • How will this program support youth cycling in your community?
  • Does this grant build on a previous grant provided by Cycling BC? If so, please explain your need for additional funding.
  • Please let us know any other important information.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.