Ride Leader Training

Cycling BC members interested in leading recreational club rides can register for Cycling BC’s Ride Leader course to help create safer group riding experiences for their club. This course is designed to meet the needs of Cycling BC’s recreational adult cycling clubs for both road and off-road activities.

The module covers:

  • Club Culture & Why Statements
  • Route Planning & Pre-Ride Briefing
  • Insurance, Liability, & Risk Management
  • Emergency Scenarios & Action Plans
  • Traffic Safety & Road Hazards
  • Group Riding Etiquette
  • Group Riding Formations
  • Outdoor Practice Ride

In order to achieve ‘certified’ status, participants are expected to submit a short journal and complete a quiz. In exchange, participants will receive a digital certificate of completion. These resources are provided in the registration auto-confirmation email and are discussed during the module.

The Ride Leader course was developed with contributions and support from Glotman Simpson cycling club and WOW Ride women’s cycling club. Participation will be logged in the CAC coach database and professional development credits will be awarded.

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