iRide Development Grants

The iRide Sprockids initiative is intended to provide community leaders with the training and support they need to start community after-school cycling programs in their neighbourhood and help build safe and fun opportunities for local participants. Cycling BC’s iRide Development grants are available to the public and are perfect for teachers, parents, youth cyclists, industry employees, and cycling enthusiasts looking to make a difference in their region. Applicants must be 14 or older*. A limited number of grants are availableiRide is currently accepting applications for 2017 on a first come, first serve basis.

 iRide Development grants are also available to any existing NCCP coach or Sprockids-trained leader.

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current Cycling BC Provincial Ride Membership ($60)
  • Current Criminal Record Check
  • Lead a minimum of 6 sessions by year end (any format of your choice)
  • Sign a written contract committing to the delivery of your sessions in exchange for support
  • $250 damage deposit **
* Leaders under 16 will not be classified as a fully NCCP-trained coach/leader until their 16th birthday. While they will not receive the manuals, youth leaders can volunteer under the supervision of an adult leader. Leaders aged 16-18 can lead their own sessions with oversight from a regional iRide coach or a school administrator.
** If recipients cannot lead a minimum of 6 sessions, either the iRide Backpack can be returned or the $250 deposit is retained to cover iRide’s cost.

iRide Development Grant:

Prospective leaders cover approximately 50% of their training costs. To attract leaders who have already received training, a variety of categories are available.

Year 1   New iRide Sprockids Leaders If You Are Already Trained
14-18 yr 19+ yr As an NCCP Coach As a Sprockids Leader
  Cost to Grant Recipient FREE $150 $100 $50
  Total Value $1000 $1000 $875 $775
Grant Items
NCCP Training
(1-day: Community Initiation)
$85 $0 $50 $50
Sprockids Training
(1-day: Methods & Manuals)
$237 $0 $100 $100
(Covers Leaders & Participants)
iRide Backpack
(Cones, Ropes, First Aid, Manuals)
Admin Support
(Registration, Permits, Promo)


Year 2 & Beyond   Youth Leader Adult Leader
  Cost to Grant Recipient $150 $250
  Total Value $350 $350
Grant Items
Insurance     $150 ** $75 $150
Admin Support $200 $75 $150

** An additional $50 fee will apply for any 2nd-year program requesting a certificate of insurance for field permit applications.


Sample Income: New Leader (19+)

If you wish to charge your participants for your iRide Sprockids sessions, Cycling BC recommends matching your price to the local hourly cost of after-school care. If your sessions are two hours long and each session costs $15, the hourly price per participant will be $7.50, comparable to after-school care but with the added benefits of outdoor exercise, building friendships and improving confidence, skill and fitness.

The below table illustrates various total income and net income estimates for brand new iRide Sprockids leaders aged 19+ offering one 8-week program vs. a second 8-week program in the same calendar year.

# of Sessions Total Hours Coach : Rider Ratio Rider cost / session Daily Income Total Income Net Income
Yr 1: 1st Program
Net Income
Yr 1: 2nd Program
8 sessions 16 hrs 1:8 $10 – $15 $80 – $120 $640 – $960 $490 – $810 $640 – $960
1:10 $100 – $150 $800 – $1200 $650 – $1050 $800 – $1200

Optional Year 2 Benefits:

As a returning iRide Sprockids leader next year, various perks are available to help leaders pursue additional training and develop their coaching abilities.

Cycling BC is currently accepting iRide Development grant applications for the spring season.