iRide Development Grants

The iRide Community initiative is designed to provide cyclists like you with the training and support you need to start community after-school cycling programs in their neighborhood with confidence.

Cycling BC’s iRide Development grants are available to the public and are perfect for teachers, parents, youth cyclists, industry employees, and cycling enthusiasts looking to make a difference in their region. Applicants must be 16 or older (1).

2020 Grants Open December 1st


Applications open December 1st and are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. A maximum of 2 instructors per program can apply for a grant. One backpack will be awarded per new program.  Additional instructors are still required to take both NCCP courses (1.5 days).

Applicant Requirements:

  • Current Cycling BC Provincial Ride Membership ($60)
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Lead 6 sessions by year’s end (minimum)
  • Sign a written contract including delivery expectations (2)
  • Complete NCCP & iRide Orientation (3)

iRide Development Grant:

Recipients are expected to invest $150 dollars in the first year. In the 2nd year and beyond, recipients can access insurance and admin support for a nominal fee based on their program size.

Year 1  Our Investment  Your Investment
$1150 $150
Grant includes…
NCCP Training (CCI & BCS) $150
iRide Orientation $150
Liability & Sports Accident Insurance $500
Backpack (Cones, Ropes, First Aid) $250
Admin (Reg, Promo) $250
iRide Development Grant recipients returning to lead programs in year 2 and beyond are subject to an annual fee to cover liability insurance and administrative support. Click here to view our 2019 Fees (subject to change in 2020).

Program Fee Structure (Template):

If you wish to charge your participants for your extra-curricular program, Cycling BC recommends matching your price with local after-school care rates. For example, two hours sessions charging $15/day equates to an hourly rate of $7.50 per child, comparable to after-school care but with the added benefits of outdoor exercise and improved cycling literacy.  Cycling BC does not take a cut of these fees as this initiative is designed to help create income for community leaders and keep program fees as low as possible.

The below table illustrates a sample income for a 6-week program, on an open grass field (1:10 ratio), per leader.

# of Sessions Total Hours Leader Ratio Price / Session Program Income
6 sessions 9 hrs 1:10 $7-10 $420-$600

Special Provisions:

  1. Recipients aged 16-19 yrs old can lead their own sessions with oversight from an NCCP-trained adult.
  2. Recipients who cannot lead the minimum 6 sessions must return their iRide Backpack as received or provide equivalent compensation.
  3. Recipients who miss their scheduled training session without Cycling BC approval, forfeit their grant and $150 up-front fee. 
  4. Returning programs requesting a certificate of insurance for field permit applications will be subject to an additional $50 fee.