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iRide has many types of programs designed to help you master new skills and be awesome at biking!

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iRide After-School

Ride after-school with your friends!

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iRide Camps

Do you like rock climbing? Soccer? Computer coding?

Would you like to try BMX, the velodrome and mountain biking this summer?

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iRide Games

Do you want to play all the iRide games again?

Celebrate your awesome skills with your friends at the iRide Games.

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iRide Fast

Do you want to go behind-the-scenes and meet professional riders?

Or would you like to try a youth bike race?

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Join A Cycling Club

Do you like going really fast? Surfing the dirt? Shredding turns?

Bring a friend. Bikes provided. 3 Free Sessions.

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iRide Multimedia

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Explore iRide's Youtube channel or share your next biking adventure #iridemybike @cyclingbc

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