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Preparing Equipment:

To prepare your child’s bicycle and helmet, we encourage you and your child to:

  1. Haul your bikes out of storage and have a fun bike washing session at least 1 week before iRide starts.
  2. Check that the bicycle still fits. Children should be able to stand over the top tube of their bike with feet flat on the ground.
  3. Check the brakes, adjust the seat height (at least both toes touching the ground when seated) and lubricate the chain and all moving parts.
  4. Add some air in the tires.
  5. Take a good look at the helmet. Adjust the straps so you can slide a couple of fingers under the chin when it is on and the ratchet is tightened. Remember the helmet goes across the forehead and is not tilted back on the head. Make sure there are NO CRACKS in the shell.
  6. Check the bicycle lock for any signs of disrepair: rust, sticky keys, etc.

Head to the local bicycle shop if you are having issues with any parts of the above list, at least 7 days before iRide starts.


Transporting Equipment

At the discretion of each school’s policy, students usually are asked to bring their bikes to a space assigned to their respective class on the morning of their first day of iRide.  This space is either:

  • Locked at the bicycle racks.
  • Placed indoors in either the gymnasium or the multi-purpose room.
    • Students should not bring their bicycle into their classroom.
  • iRide Summer Camps offer secure storage of bicycles over the course of the 5-day event


Preparing Your Child:

To build confidence prior to iRide, here are some helpful tips for you and your family.

  • If your child is a new rider, ideally they should be able to put both of their feet on the ground while seated on their bike. Start your child with “striding”, using both feet flat on the ground while seated, to propel them in a straight line. Once they can coast in a straight line for 10 seconds, advance them to pedaling. This will build balance awareness and the ability to stay upright when they stop.
  • If your child can already ride, plan a family bike ride around the neighborhood on safe streets or sidewalks to get their cycling legs back in action.
  • If you normally to drive your child to school, call around and see if your child can ride to school with a friend who lives close to the school, providing an opportunity to store the bike at the friend’s house overnight.


Getting Ready to iRide:

Please send your child to school with the below items:

  • Bike in good repair.  If your child is in need of a bicycle, iRide can provide a rental bicycle as per the school booking.
  • Helmet in good repair. Please bring your own helmet. iRide can also provide a rental helmet as per the school booking. Rental helmets are sprayed at the conclusion of each day’s events.
  • Clothing for B.C. weather. iRide programs are conducted rain or shine, at the discretion of the school principal or event coordinator. Please plan to ride outdoors and bring a bring of clothing for the remainder of the school day. For example: wear rain pants & jackets, gloves, tie hair back with an elastic, bring a clip or elastic for wide-legged pants.
  • Shoes with closed toes and tied laces. Sandals and open-toed shoes are not allowed at iRide.


Are there any after-school cycling programs?  

There are new after-school community programs available across the province this year to help your child build confidence and develop friendships through exercise. This new initiative brings together the teaching curriculums of both iRide and Sprockids to create safe, fun and memorable experiences for your child. Explore here OR watch recent Global TV interview.


What about summer camps? Does iRide offer 5-day camps?

iRide is teaming up with various organizations this summer to offer combination summer camps in the Lower Mainland and Victoria for aged 8-12.  Explore here.

iRide is also investigating a leadership-style camp for ages 15-18, on the week of August 8-11th, 2017. This camp would provide young adults with four days of bike riding and iRide Sprockids leader training. If this type of leadership camp sounds interesting for your family, please RSVP here.


Are there any fun and free iRide events?

This year iRide is hosting a number of 1-day iRide Fast events to help introduce your family to the various styles of cycling. Our first event takes place on February 25th and will introduce students to the world of track cycling. Events are free but require pre-registration. Explore here.

Other 2017 iRide Fast events on the calendar include a behind-the-scenes tour at the Gastown Grand Prix hosted by Canadian National Criterium champion, Ben Chaddock, as well as numerous kid’s race like the Poco Grand Prix. Last year over 200 kids participated…let’s get to 500! If these events sound interesting, please RSVP here.


Where can I take my child to celebrate their skills?

This year, Cycling BC is also excited to introduce the iRide Games. As our capstone event in each region of the province, the iRide Games are designed to promote equality, an inclusive atmosphere, and create a memorable experience that ignites participants and connects parents to the local cycling community.   Find an event near you!


How can I help my child develop their skills?

iRide has recently updated its website and now includes information on how to help your child develop skills and build confidence on their bicycle, specific to their current ability level. Explore iRide teaching tips


How can I get trained and start my own riding group?

iRide has various grants available to help you start YOUR OWN iRide Sprockids program in your neighboured. Recipients commit to offering 6 sessions for local kids in 2017 and receive training, equipment, insurance and all the support they need. Learn More Here.


Can I be notified if iRide becomes available in my area?

Join iRide’s monthly e-newsletter to receive periodic updates about upcoming programs in your area. Sign-up here.


I have questions, who do I call?

iRide has a great team of coaches to help you and your family explore cycling this year. Find your region’s local head coach at our staff page or call 604-BC-iRide to ask general questions.