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A 3-day in-school event for students of all ability levels.

iRide In-School is designed to teach basic cycling skills and safety awareness to students over three school days.

To a maximum of six classes, each class receives three 45-60 minute training sessions over three days and works their way through the fun and exciting challenges of iRide. Our curriculum is recognized by the BC Ministry of Education’s Prescribed Learning Outcomes and targets students in grades 4 to 6. Sessions can be run on all-weather fields, grass fields, and paved areas.

iRide instructors are qualified by the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP), complete their iRide mentorship under the supervision of the regional iRide coordinator, and undergo a background check. Cycling BC’s iRide program subscribes to the Coaches Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaches Movement and works with High Five: Healthy Child Development and the Canucks Autism Network to help our instructors create an engaging and effective learning environment.

iRide is funded by private donors, government grants, and program fees from schools. Our cost structure is designed to develop sustainable programs in each BC Games zone and offers discounted programs for all students in British Columbia.

For 2018, our cost structure has been updated to meet the growing demand for our in-school program.  Cycling BC’s iRide program would like to thank all of the teachers, principals, PACs, students, coaches, and supporters who have made this program a success.  As iRide continues to grow and develop as a leader in cycling education, Cycling BC and our supporters remain committed to making cycling as accessible as possible.

Cost Structure:
Style School’s Portion of Cost iRide’s Portion of Cost
  Standard    $750    or    50% of Operating Cost*    $750 **
  Sponsored    $0 – $250    $1250 – $1500 ***

* Program costs vary across the province. This policy is currently only in place in the Comox Valley.

** iRide supports 50% of the total $1500.00 cost of every standard in-school program. A fully booked program includes 5-6 classes, totaling 150 participants; therefore the school and iRide both invest $750 per program, approximately $5 per student or $1.33 per student per day. 

*** iRide is awarding 5 schools each year with a fully-sponsored program. Additional donor recognition requirements may apply.  To explore this opportunity, please contact

Booking Request Timeline:
Open for Priority Schools* Dec. 1st – January 15th
Open for All Schools** January 15th onwards

* This policy is set in place to help us grow our existing youth cycling club programs. Priority schools are selected by Cycling BC stakeholders and will be contacted on a per case basis.

** All schools can apply at this time. Please provide backup dates in case your first choice is unavailable. Preference will be awarded to returning schools or schools interested in taking advantage of our iRide Community Grant to start a small 6-week after-school bike group at your school. Recipients receive a 2-day training course, equipment, insurance, and admin support. Learn more here.

Parents wishing to request a school event in their community can complete this form.