iRide Logo 2017.V4 (iRide Only) - iRide Sprockids - (Black) (Short)“At iRide Sprockids there is no bench – Everyone gets to ride”

iRide Sprockids offers BC’s next generation of cyclists the chance to develop their bike skills in a safe, fun environment, and to build on their iRide school experience.  This program builds on the legacy of Doug Detwiller’s Sprockids curriculum to support and encourage the growth of youth cycling. To support new leaders, we are offering Cycling BC iRide Development grants to help provide everything you need to get started.

How Does it Work?

At iRide Sprockids, participants work with National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) certified coaches and Sprockids leaders. Sessions are covered by Cycling BC’s insurance policy with Marsh Canada.

Each leader works with 6-10 participants of the same skill ability (review iRide Levels here) to create safe and fun sessions that all participants can enjoy. Leaders use the proven Sprockids 8-week skills curriculum and iRide’s in-school methods to create effective and engaging lessons. Typical sessions include skill development, bicycle rides, and games appropriate to participant age and ability, following the Cycling Canada Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD).

Each iRide Sprockids program varies to fit the needs of the community.  Program leaders decide on the total number of sessions, the length of each session, participant cost and the target ability level of their participants. We suggest that programs total 4-8 sessions, meet 1-2 days a week and last 60-120 minutes each.

Who is it for?

iRide Sprockids is designed to be a fun after-school care alternative that gets kids outside and on their bikes. As a result, there are no pre-requisites to join iRide Sprockids and participants can skip iRide’s in-school program. To help guarantee the best experience possible, be sure to review our iRide skill levels to help you find the right program for your child’s current ability level.

What is Sprockids?

Sprockids was originally developed in 1990 by B.C. elementary school teacher, Doug Detwiller, as a self-esteem/anger management program to help his students reach their potential. Since then, Sprockids has evolved into a multi-faceted program engaging thousands of young people in the life-long activity of mountain biking while teaching them the skills, values, and strategies to succeed in life. The program is now used in over 20 countries by teachers, coaches, cycling clubs, youth organizations, law enforcement agencies, and parents. Visit the Sprockids website to learn more.

Benefits of iRide Sprockids: LEARN MORE

Parents & Kids Qualified coaches provide a low-cost and sport-focused after-school program
Leaders & Volunteers Receive discount training, equipment, and support with the potential to earn a competitive wage
Teachers Receive training on fun new ways to teach academic lessons. BC gov’t $500 tax credit available.
Clubs & Youth Racers Improve youth recruitment and provide leadership opportunities for U19 riders with free training
Sprockids Help develop the long-term legacy of Sprockids through a sport body initiative
Cycling BC iRide Connect iRide school participants to fun leaders and grow province-wide participation

Upcoming Events








iRide Sprockids @ Powell River Powell River Mar 27, 2017 3:00 9-12 (Lv.3.4.5) Students Only
iRide Sprockids @ Qualicum Beach Qualicum Beach Mar 30, 2017 3:00 7-12 (Lv.3-5) Students Only
iRide Sprockids @ Suwilaawks Terrace Apr 11, 2017 3:00 8-12 (Lv.3) Students Only
iRide Sprockids @ Carnarvon (Girls Only) Vancouver Apr 11, 2017 3:15 9-12 (Lv.3-4) (Girls only) Confirmed PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Terrace (Parkside) Terrace Apr 12, 2017 3:30 9-11 (Lv.3-4) Confirmed PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Carnarvon (Co-ed) Vancouver May 9, 2017 3:15 9-12 (Lv.3-4) Confirmed PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Caledonia Pedal Heads Prince George May 17, 2017 5:30 14-16 (Lv.4,5) Confirmed PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Caledonia Pedal Heads (9-12yr) Prince George May 17, 2017 5:30 9-12 Confirmed
iRide Sprockids @ Caledonia Trail Blazers Prince George May 20, 2017 10:00 6-13 (Lv.3,4) SOLD OUT PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Terrace (June) Terrace May 31, 2017 4:00 6-9 Confirmed PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Mission Mtn Mashers Mission Sep 11, 2017 3:30 7-12 (Lv.3,4) SOLD OUT PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Caledonia Trail Blazers (Autumn) Prince George Sep 16, 2017 10:00 6-12 (Lv.3+) SOLD OUT PDF
iRide Sprockids @ Suwilaawks (Autumn) Terrace Sep 21, 2017 3:00 9-12 (Lv.3) Students Only PDF