Benefits for Parents & Kids:

iRide Sprockids is a great way for kids to build confidence, improve their cycling skills, and develop friendships while spending time outdoors. Participants work with certified leaders who use teaching methods from both iRide and Sprockids to create a valuable learning experience. The cost of a program may vary by region and is chosen by a program’s leader.  User fees are designed to meet the affordable care needs of your community and build an appreciation for quality cycling coaching.  Sign up is easy and is completed through the Canadian-owned online system, CCN.  Our system is designed to create a quick and efficient experience that easily connects your family to future iRide events and provide leaders with the information they need to create safe experiences for your child.

Benefits for Leaders & Volunteers:

All iRide Sprockids leaders, whether they have worked with iRide or Sprockids in the past, can apply for an iRide Instructor grant. Successful recipients receive discounted training, insurance, equipment and admin support to make their leadership experience as easy and as fun as possible. iRide Instructor grants also offer discounted insurance and administration support for iRide Sprockids leaders in their 2nd year and beyond. Learn More

Benefits for Teachers:

Teachers who pursue iRide Sprockids training can successfully lead lunch-time programs, after-school programs and school/district-wide Sprockids Youth Challenges (similar to the iRide Games). If you would like to offer free sessions for your students, $500 tax credits are available through the BC government.  Sprockid’s teaching materials also include fun ways to teach the core curriculum with a focus on bicycles, health and the outdoors. New lesson plans include bike-inspired art classes, math, science & more. To learn more about the value-added benefits of Sprockids training for teachers, please visit their website here.

Benefits for Youth Racers:

Youth aged 14-18 can use an iRide Instructor grant to receive free training.  This opportunity is designed to create a volunteer or work opportunity that helps young adults develop leadership and interpersonal skills while supporting their cycling community. New leaders aged 16-18 can lead their own sessions with oversight from a regional iRide coach or a school administrator. Younger leaders can complete the training course but will not be classified as fully-trained by the NCCP until their 16th birthday. As a result, these leaders can volunteer under the supervision of a full-trained leader. Learn More

Benefits for Youth Cycling Clubs:

Cycling clubs looking to grow youth membership can apply for an iRide Instructor grant and start their own group. Alternatively, clubs can help train a youth member to run an iRide Sprockids program with the understanding that riders aged 14-18 often befriend riders aged 8-13 and inspire them to try cycling in a club format in the future.

Benefits for Sprockids:

The Sprockids program has grown to over 20 countries and impacted the lives of thousands of people. Through this new initiative, Doug Detwiller and his Sprockids curriculum can help inspire more kids here in BC and empower certified leaders with the lessons he has learned during a 30-year teaching career. Together with support from Cycling BC, the Sprockids program can now better connect with cycling enthusiasts in the province and continue to develop its strong contribution to cycling.

Benefits for Cycling BC:

The iRide Sprockids initiative helps Cycling BC get more kids on bikes and provides another step in the development pathway. This program helps develop new coaches and provides young racers the opportunity to develop as both coaches and young adults. Through this initiative, Cycling BC can also better monitor total cycling participation in the province at all levels and in all school districts, helping us better understand the complex nature of our province’s diverse cycling culture and its passionate participants.