iRide LMCX KazLaw Cup

A new and exciting way to meet friends, learn cycling skills and earn prizes in a fun setting.

Cycling BC, in partnership with the LMCX KazLaw Cup, is proud to announce the 2019 dates of the iRide LMCX KazLaw Cup Kids Series.  This project is designed to help local youth experience the sport of cyclocross, and provide incentives for continued participation as the series travels across the region.


Participation is free for all riders. Registration takes place on-site, at the Cycling BC tent located at the kid’s mini-course. A Cycling BC Acknowledgement of Risk form must be completed by the parent/guardian. There is no skill ability required to attend these events.

Each event provides participants with the following:

  • Free race entry (Thank you KazLaw!)
  • An iRide Racer’s Pass
  • Access to free skills coaching from iRide
  • Free iRide rental bike (limited number available, sized for 8-11 yr olds)

Riders can participate on any style of bike (strider, kids, mtn bike, cyclocross). However, at a minimum, we recommend a clean, functioning bike with multiple gears.

Event Details:

The iRide skills session will take place in the kid’s mini-course.  For riders participating in the skills session still on strider bikes or who exhibit Pre-iRide or Level 1 skill abilities, we request that parents accompany their child into the arena for the skills session.

Races for children ages 2-8 will take place on the kid’s mini-course.  The taster races for ages 8+ will take place on the adult full-course (please meet at the Reg Tent)

Event Timeline:

Start Finish Event
  10:30 AM 12:00 PM Registration Open (located at Cycling BC Tent at Mini-Course)
  11:00 AM 12:00 PM Skills Session (Drop-in style)
  12:00 PM 12:30 PM Kids Races!
   Race #1 (age 2-4)
   Race #2 (age 5-6)
   Race #3 (age 7-8)
  12:30 PM* 12:50 PM Taster Races (8+) **
   1:00 PM Bike Rental Closed

*Please meet at the kids registration tent @ Mini-Course. Coaches and volunteers will take the participants to the adult start line for 1 lap of the full course, starting at approximately 12.40pm. All participants must be off-course by 12.55pm.

*Please note, above times are approximate and subject to slight changes on the day. For example, at event #1 (Donkey Cross) the Taster race meets at 12:05 PM at the registration tent located at the Mini-Course. 

Rental Bikes available:

Our bikes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a rental bike is damaged, families may be asked to cover the costs of repair.

  • 1x   20-inch kids bike
  • 10x 24-inch kids bike (Cannondale Trail 24)
  • 2x   26-inch urban bike
  • 1x   48cm cyclocross bike (disc brake)  (Donated by McCallum Family)
  • 1x   51cm cyclocross bike  (cantilever)  (Donated by McCallum Family)

Series Awards:

Participants can monitor their progress using their iRide Racer’s Pass.  Participants who attend at least 3 or more kids/taster events, can access Cycling BC awards in recognition of their dedication to cycling.

In order to claim your award, please follow the instructions on the back of your iRide Racer’s Pass (provided during registration at your first event) and email us a screenshot of your card with the official signatures to We will work with you to select a shirt size and coordinate delivery/pickup.

*Please note, our free membership draw is only available for non-Cycling BC members. This initiative aims to promote continued participation through the autumn and help new families get started in cycling.

Upgrading to Regular Youth Races:

At any time, riders can choose to advance to the regular youth categories, U13 and U15. Please note, that these events take place at 9.30am and a cyclocross bike is required to participate.  Registration fees do apply for these regular youth categories, including a $10 one-day license. However, thanks to LMCX Kazlaw Cup sponsor, Kazlaw Injury Lawyers, youth race entries have been heavily discounted and are available for only $15 per event. If you decide to try a regular youth category, you can still participate in the Kids/Taster races to earn participation points, so long as it aligns with the spirit of the Kids/Taster events.

For more information about these upcoming events, please see the event list/map below, or visit the Lower Mainland CX website.

Upcoming iRide CX Kids Races








LMCX #1 – Donkey Cross Port Coquitlam Sep 14, 2019 12:00
LMCX #2 – Squamish CX Squamish Sep 22, 2019 12:00
LMCX #3 – Vanier CX Vancouver Sep 28, 2019 12:00
LMCX #4 – Aldergrove CX Abbotsford Oct 5, 2019 12:00
LMCX #5 – Junkyard CX Surrey Oct 20, 2019 12:00
LMCX #6 – Pumpkin Cross Maple Ridge Oct 27, 2019 12:00
LMCX #7 – Queens CX New Westminster Nov 2, 2019 12:00

LMCX #1 - Donkey Cross

Address: 2252 Castle Crescent

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LMCX #2 - Squamish CX

Address: 40900 Tantalus Road

Learn More About This Event

LMCX #3 - Vanier CX

Address: 1000 Chestnut Street

Learn More About This Event

LMCX #4 - Aldergrove CX

Address: 687 Lefeuvre Rd

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LMCX #5 - Junkyard CX

Address: 14600 - 20 Avenue

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LMCX #6 - Pumpkin Cross

Address: 21973 132 Ave

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LMCX #7 - Queens CX

Address: Queens Park

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