iRide Mini-Membership

New for 2019, all iRide Sprockids participants will be issued a Cycling BC Mini-Membership. This project is designed to help families access financial support systems and illustrate official demand for youth cycling programs in BC.

Mini-membership registration is only required for iRide Sprockids participants and is integrated with program registration. This membership is valid through to the end of the calendar year. Registrants will receive a digital PDF copy of their membership and can use this to access the below services:

  • Access up to $400 annually through KidsSport (apply)
  • Sport Accident & Liability insurance during iRide (view)
  • Access to participate in BC Superweek Youth Races (view)
  • Access to deals & opportunities through our VIP Parent newsletter
  • Access to order iRide clothing (view)
  • Easy upgrade to a full membership (view)

During iRide Sprockids registration, parents can also choose to purchase a full $60 membership instead. A comparison of the two offerings is available below:

Benefits: Mini-Membership Full Membership
Access to Kids Sport Funding:
Sport Accident & Liability Insurance: During iRide 24/7
BC Superweek Youth Races:
VIP Parent newsletter:
iRide T-shirt order:
Upgrade to Full Member ($45):
Cost: $15 $60

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