-Cycling BC’s iRide events are categorized by their regional zone, set forth by the BC Games. To get started, please follow the instructions below.

Booking iRide

  1. Search our booking calendars for availability in your region.
  2. Complete the booking form below.
  3. Receive confirmation within 2-3 business days and your event will be added to our official iRide calendar.

**Please note, iRide School bicycle rental fleets are operating in zones 3, 4, 5, 6A and 6B this autumn. Spring 2018 bookings will open on December 1st, 2017 after our annual fundraising gala and budget are complete.

3-Day In-School Program

BC Zone Region School District Availability
1A East Kootenay   5     6 Search
1B West Kootenay   8   20 Search
2 Okanagan 22   23    58   83 Search
3, 4, 5 Lower Mainland 33 – 45   48 Search
6A Vancouver Island – South 61    62    63   79 Search
6B Vancouver Island – North 71    72 Search
7 Northwest BC 54   82 Search
8 Northeast BC 57 Search

1/2-Day School Field Trip

BC Zone Venue Style Min. Grade Availability
3 Abbotsford BMX Indoor Gr. 4 Nov – Feb
3 Abbotsford BMX Outdoor Gr. 4 Apr – May
3 Pitt Meadows BMX Outdoor Gr. 4 Apr – May
4 Surrey BMX Outdoor Gr. 4 Apr – May
4 Burnaby Velodrome Indoor Gr. 6 NOW BOOKING
6A Victoria Velodrome Outdoor Gr. 5 Apr – Sept

iRide School Booking

To book an iRide program at your school, please complete the following form.
1 School Details
2 Booking Details
3 Scheduling
  • School Details

  • Please choose your BC Games zone:
  • Please choose your school district. If you are a french-immersion school and run under SD 93, select 93.
  • Type the first letter of your school name until your school pops up:
  • An iRide Champion can be either a teacher, principal, administrator​ or community member. This person is our main point of contact. We request that iRide Champions be available to meet us upon our arrival on Day 1.
  • Example: K-6, 7-12
  • Is your school a private school?