As your school’s iRide Champion, please help us create a memorable iRide event by assisting with the following:

  1. Ensure adequate field space is booked and no field maintenance is scheduled.
    • Ideal spaces include a grass field, an all-weather field or a closed paved surface.
  2. Once Confirmed
    • Distribute pre-event iRide information package to parents 4 weeks before Day 1.
    • Remind students to complete the online waiver 7 days before Day 1.
    • Ensure the iRide invoice is paid prior to our first day (sent 4 weeks before Day 1).
  3. During iRide
    • Run an online waiver report, provide to teachers
    • Ensure teachers bring class roster (waiver + photo consent) out to the field on Day 1.
    • Ensure each participating class has a teacher present for supervision, behavior management, and first-aid needs.
    • Help facilitate thank-you card project by students, if possible.

To easily prepare for your school’s iRide program, please use the templates below:

Additional Resources:

  • iRide Schools:
    • A detailed explanation of the iRide curriculum, teaching methods and sustainability model – Link
    • 1-Page PDF
  • iRide Development Grants:
    • An outline of how best to create your own extra-curricular program with Cycling BC support – Link
    • 1-Page PDF
  • iRide 2018/2019 Update (October 14)
    • Includes PDF resources for ALL school districts
    • Explore