As your school’s iRide Champion, please help us create a memorable iRide event by assisting with the following:

  1. Before Booking
    • Speak with Principal & PAC and explain iRide’s 3-yr sustainability policy
    • Ensure adequate field space is booked and no field maintenance is scheduled.
      • Ideal spaces include a grass field, an all-weather field or a closed paved surface.
  2. Once Confirmed
    • Distribute pre-event iRide information package to parents 4 weeks before Day 1.
    • Remind students to complete online waiver 7 days before Day 1.
  3. During iRide
    • Provide event time-table and class rosters with participation and photo consent.
    • Ensure each participating class has a teacher present for supervision, behavior management, and first-aid needs.
    • Help facilitate thank-you card project by students, if possible.
    • Help facilitate payment to Cycling BC if a 2nd or 3rd-year school.

To help make these duties as easy as possible, please use our informational packets below.

iRide Schools Information Packet  Link
A detailed explanation of the iRide curriculum, teaching methods and sustainability model.

iRide Community Coaching Grants Information Packet  Link
An outline of how best to create your own extra-curricular program with Cycling BC support.

To easily prepare for your school’s iRide program, please use the templates below:

Teacher Document Package Overview Link
A 1-page summary of this downloadable document package

The Parent Letter  Link
Please modify this take-home letter template to suite your needs. Please note Cycling BC has transitioned away to an online permission release waiver service. As a result, we ask that all parents submit a completed waiver for their child at least 7 days prior to their first iRide session. The iRide coordinator will then send a report of all completed waivers 6 days prior to Day 1.

During the waiver process, parents can specify photo consent for their child. Students without consent will be given a colorful pinnie to identify them and avoid publication of any photographs. Parents can also specify their interest in joining the iRide newsletter, providing access to annual contests, free community events and more.       Template if 0 bikes requested         Template if 5 bikes requested          Template if 25 bikes requested

Event Time-Table  Link
Please fill out this ready-to-print excel document and leave it for pickup at the head office on the morning of day 1. Our head coaches will use this information to tailor their lesson plans and courses to the different ages and abilities of your students. We strongly request a minimum time period of 40min per class, ideally 45-60 minutes per class. We ask that each class participates in 1 session per day, for the 3-day program.

Thank You Cards  Link
Without iRide’s donors, our privately-funded program could not offer financial support to your school. In exchange, we ask that students prepare thank you cards for our supporters. Enclosed in this document are various formats and wording examples. Please feel free to use these templates as an example. We encourage students to use their imagination to create unique cards that capture their iRide experience and reflect the spirit of their school.

The list of sponsor names and addresses will be provided by email.

Thank you cards can be left at the office for pickup by our iRide head coach on day 3. Conversely, schools can mail the items using the addresses given in the iRide Thank You Card Recipient document within 1 week of day 3. Thank you for your help in growing this program!

Paper Waiver  Link
Please use sparingly. Typically these paper waivers are reserved for families without internet access. Paper waivers will be emailed to iRide school champions 5 days prior to Day 1.