2017 Membership Categories and Proposed Fees

Bylaw Requirements & 2016 AGM

The Cycling BC Bylaws state that membership fees must be approved annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). As was proposed at the 2016 Cycling BC AGM, we are holding this EGM to approve the membership fees for 2017.

Membership Committee & Board Recommendation

A membership committee was struck by the board of directors to review a proposal for 2017 membership fees. This was reviewed and approved by the board of directors at the meeting of the board on September 12, 2016.

The board recommends the following fees for approval by the membership:

2017 Membership Categories, Benefits, and Proposed Fees

License Type:




$55 – 160*
Benefits by Activity:
Individual Activities Club Activities & Sanctioned Events Individual Activities Club Activities & Sanctioned Events Individual Activities Club Activities & Sanctioned Events
24/7 accident insurance
General sport accident insurance X X X
Liability Insurance X X X
Race in BC Novice Category All Categories X
Race outside of BC X X
Results / upgrades / awards X X
Community member / timely information / discounts

Member Profile

·     individual cyclists or club members & volunteers

·     all ages

·     all disciplines

·     interested in personal accident insurance (for training, fondos and charity rides) as well as club liability and sport accident insurance

·     participating in club events or racing in BC at the novice level

·     NOT interested in points, upgrades, or racing outside of BC


·     individual or club racers

·     all ages

·     all disciplines

·     interested in personal accident insurance for individual training, fondos, charity rides, club activities, and races as well as club and sanctioned event liability and sport accident insurance

·     interested in categorized racing, points, upgrades and / or racing outside of BC


individual who wants to work as a commissaire, race organiser, team manager or coach
* General sport and liability insurance benefits apply to technical licence holders only insofar as they are participating in a sanctioned event or club activity in the technical capacity for which they are licensed–not as a rider. ** See below for table for breakdown of UCI race licence fees across age categories.

Revised Licensing structure

For 2017 and onward, we propose a structure with services that are more clearly defined, and set up to appeal to:

  1. (a) individual cyclists who are not yet committed to organized clubs or racing but want to ride or train on their own, or riders who are participating in fondos and charity rides;
    (b) club members who participate in club activities, and individuals who want to be able to race at novice level in BC;
  2. more experienced cyclists who want to race in ability categories, and track results to apply to race in higher ability categories, those who are interested in provincial series points, and those are interested in racing beyond BC;
  3. individuals who want to work as coaches, commissaires, race organisers, team manager, or in other technical capacities.

The improvements of the new structure include the following:

  • members are now licensed to participate in all Cycling BC-sanctioned activities and events;
  • 24 hour / 7 day Personal Sport Accident Insurance, with coverage around the globe, for all activities excluding ”dangerous,” stackable, with automatic payouts;
  • discounts for early-bird purchasers.

Cycling BC is pursuing additional benefits for members, such as partnering with local businesses to offer discounts and other member rewards, tips from athletes and coaches, and rewards for long standing members.

Early bird purchasers will receive a 10% discount, from December 1 to December 31. New early bird memberships, purchased in December for the following year, will be valid from the date of purchase.


It is worth noting that membership fees have either been reduced or remained the same over the past 5 years at Cycling BC. Cycling BC has worked over the past few months to ensure that there is tangible value associated with any increase. For 2017, this includes 24/7 accident insurance, in addition to the sport accident insurance that covers all members for participation in sanctioned events and club activities.

With improved cycling infrastructure in many urban areas, and the proliferation of charity and fondo events, the number of cyclists has increased across the province. With the revised membership structure, we aim to increase membership numbers by appealing to these riders.

Cycling BC’s goals in revising membership structure are to:

  • offer a more robust benefits package for Cycling BC members;
  • align services with the interests and activities of more riders;
  • clearly define membership categories, and minimize confusion about membership types;
  • increase membership numbers, allowing growth and sustainability in revenue.

What do your licence fees go towards?

60% of licence fees are directly associated to the costs of membership and licensing.

The other 40% goes towards running the organization, along with support of races, coaches, commissaires, and provincial team athlete development.