Performance Cycling Competition-Development

Performance Cycling! Competition Development, subsequently referred to as Competition-Development, is the context for coaches working with late Train to Train and Train to Compete LTAD stage cyclists: athletes who are entering National and initial International level competitions. At this level success requires much more than simply having “a big engine”. A solid and comprehensive foundation of technical skills and detailed attention to cycling position is needed to maximize efficiency and performance.  Courses and evaluation for this coaching stream are delivered through Cycling Canada and viaSport.

The Performance Cycling Competition Development stream is structured as follows:

Performance Cycling Workshop: This 2.5-day weekend course is facilitated by Cycling Canada and includes 3 modules:

  • Analyzing Performance (7.5 h)
  • Performance Planning (7.5 h)
  • Manage a Program Part 1 (3 h).

This workshop is offered upon request.  Cycling BC has previously hosted this course in Vancouver in 2015 and 2018.  This course is not scheduled to return to British Columbia in 2019. To request this course, please email

Multi-Sport Modules: To achieve “Trained” status, coaches are required to completed six multi-sport courses, available in British Columbia through viaSport. These courses are a lot of fun and bring coaches of various sports together to learn and grow. The modules are offered on a consistent basis across the province, however, coaches wishing to complete these courses quickly can complete the International Coaching School in Victoria at the Canadian Sport Institute.

  • Coaching & Leading Effectively (11.5 h)
  • Developing Athletic Abilities (7.25 h)
  • Prevention and Recovery (7.5 h)
  • Leading Drug-Free Sport (3.5 h + CAC Online Evaluation)
  • Psychology of Performance (5 h)
  • Managing Conflict (5 h)

Cycling Evaluations:  The following evaluations are required to become certified in the Competition Development stream:

  • Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation
  • Plan a Project – online module (3 h)
  • Manage a Program Part 2 (3 h)
  • Evaluation #1: Training Camp Project
  • Evaluation #2: Competition Project

Maintenance of Certification:  Certified coaches must complete Professional Development in order to maintain their certification. The requirement for Performance Cycling is 30 points every five years. For more details about maintenance of certification and upcoming opportunities, click here.

Cycling BC is also proud to share our Coach & Builder Web illustrating additional courses available through viaSport.

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Comp-Dev: Performance Workship Milton Feb 15, 2019 - Feb 17, 2019 12:00 Application Required Confirmed