Coach Services

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Cycling BC has published a Coach Database to help athletes find qualified coaches in their area.  Coaches wanting to be included in the database must hold a current Cycling BC licence and must register for the database through the registration portal at A current criminal record check is also required and must be either sent by e-mail to or requested through Cycling BC’s coach registration portal and we can conduct the check on your behalf ($50 fee).

Coaches registered in the database will receive NCCP course discounts (25% off) and may apply to the Coach Mentorship Program.



Cycling BC’s coach mentorship program offers a limited number of coaches the opportunity to work with a Certified Coach and Trained Master Coach Developer to help them reach their coaching goals. Successful applicants will connect with a mentor on a monthly basis to work towards self-selected annual goals including certification, leading a project, or creating a new program in their area.

The Cycling BC coach mentorship program is available to Cycling BC Coach Database members in good standing for $200 per year. Applications open Dec 12th, and successful applicants will be notified by January 15th. There is a $5 application fee.  Upon successful entry, the remaining balance may be paid either in a lump sum of $195, due Jan 15th, or 4 equal payments of $49 (due Jan 15, Apr 15, Jul 15, Oct 15).

Mentees can access discounts on NCCP training (35% off), travel grants to attend courses (max. $200 annually) and apply to complete NCCP courses on a distance-education basis with support from the Cycling BC NCCP Liaison.  Distance education courses will be offered at the full cost due to the additional time required to debrief with participants via telephone.



Certified NCCP coaches registered with the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) will receive special recognition on Cycling BC’s coach database.  This provides Cycling BC and our members assurance that coaches have been verified by a third party and hold an updated Criminal Record Check.  The Database+ designation is available to Cycling BC Coach Database members who achieve CAC Registered Coach status, at no extra charge.

Please indicate your intention to pursue CAC Registration and receive Database+ recognition through our coach portal at This will help the Cycling BC NCCP Liaison best prepare for your reference request.

To get started, coaches must achieve certification status in 1 NCCP stream (Comp-Intro or Comp-Dev) and use their Locker account at to apply for “Registered Coach” status. A fee of $100 is required and is paid directly to the CAC. The application requires 2 references, a criminal background check and a copy of higher-education diploma or work CV. Successful applicants will be notified within 2-4 weeks and remain in good standing in perpetuity given a new backcheck is provided every 2 years. To register, submit a Criminal Backcheck no more than six months old, or request Cycling BC conducts the check for you on your behalf (additional $50 fee). Once completed, please notify Cycling BC’s NCCP Liaison ( and your database account will be updated.


High-Performance Summit

Cycling BC’s annual professional development conference, The High-Performance Summit, brings together stakeholders from all aspects of the cycling community: athletes, coaches, commissaries, organizers, parents and club ride leaders for development opportunities led by industry professionals. The coaching content covered is specific to cyclists working with participants in the Train-to-Train and beyond LTAD stage. All Cycling BC members can access this event at discounted rates and certified coaches receive 3 professional development credits. Learn more about our February 2nd, 2019 event here.


iRide Staff Apprenticeship

Introducing children to cycling in a fun and safe environment is the key of iRide, Cycling BC’s youth cycling program. To help new iRide staff become acquainted with our philosophy, curriculum, and games, the iRide Apprenticeship includes 2-days of NCCP training, and 6-9 days of training with the iRide Regional Coordinator/Head Coach or a Cycling BC Coach Developer at a school program. To complete this apprenticeship, iRide coaches must complete a written exam and attend a 1-day First Aid course. To learn more about this opportunity, please review our ‘Prospective iRide Staff‘ page and then contact


iRide Development Grants

iRide Sprockids is an initiative that helps community champions provide 4-8 week after-school programming for young cyclists not yet ready to try a youth club activity.  iRide Development Grants are available to Cycling BC members each year and provide heavy discounts on NCCP and Sprockids training, as well as access to a backpack, insurance and administrative support. This program creates opportunities for school teachers who wish to create a school bike club, community champions who wish to offer a program through a community center or public park, and volunteer/work experience opportunities for junior cyclists aged 14-19 years old. Grants open each year on October 15th and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Learn more at


iRide Leadership

 The iRide Leadership program is designed to provide young riders who are still participating in youth club activities the opportunity to give back to their sport and accumulate volunteer hours or work experience This program includes either a 5-day summer camp or 2-day weekend camp for ages 14-19 and helps participants gain the skills and abilities they need to instruct at an iRide program in the future. Upon completion, graduates under 16 can accumulate volunteer hours and those 16 or over can gain work experience under the supervision of a Cycling BC member aged 19 or over. This camp is typically offered during the last week of August in the Vancouver area but is open to alternating between the Mainland and Vancouver Island.  Youth club coaches or after-school leaders who wish to nominate a local youth to attend can do so by contacting the iRide Provincial Manager via email at Travel grants are available to help outstanding community champions from your area attend this camp.


Coach Developer Program

Cycling BC aims to create a diverse team of 10 Learning Facilitators and 10 Coach Evaluators across the province by 2022.  To achieve this goal, Cycling BC is nominating and training interested coaches who carry ‘Certified’ status in 1 NCCP stream with the help of viaSport and a Cycling Canada-certified Master Coach Developer.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure our coaches and coach developers are professional and feel confident in their ability to deliver programs in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Coaches Association of Canada, Cycling Canada and the National Coaches Certification Program.  Meet Cycling BC’s Coach Developer’s here.


Non-NCCP Training Programs

Various non-NCCP cycling instructor programs are also available in Canada and include the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) certification, Can-Bike and Sprockids modules.

PMBIA: The PMBI Level 1 instructors course provides new instructors with the technical skills and teaching abilities required to help riders enjoy green and blue mountain bike trails.  The course is structured around instruction, not coaching and the distinction should be recognized. The 3-day course costs $600 and requests First Aid training is complete prior to enrollment. Cycling BC recommends coaches working with club-level mountain bike athletes in the Train to Train LTAD stage, pursue their PMBI Level 1 certification in addition to their NCCP Competition Introduction certification.

CAN-Bike: Cycling Canada’s road safety learn-to-ride program, Can-Bike, provides training and certification for road users who ride in a recreational setting, or for work purposes. Course materials range from basic skills to safe commuting.

Sprockids: An 8-week mountain bike skills progression program that provides teachers and community leaders with examples and games to help bring cycling skills to life. Since 2017, Cycling BC’s iRide program has partnered with Sprockids to provide a 2nd day of training for our after-school leaders. Learn more about Sprockids.