Become a Commissaire. Courses Offered January 2019

Road and Track Commissaires

Want to become involved in Cycling in a new way? Become a Cycling BC Commissaire!


Becoming a cycling commissaire is an excellent way for racers and enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of cycling and broaden their involvement in the sport they love. As a commissaire, you are able to represent Cycling BC as a trained professional to ensure fair and safe competition. There are opportunities for paid travel and advancement from provincial to national and international certification.

While many course participants will go on to train under the supervision of an experienced national commissaire, others might choose to take the course simply to augment their knowledge of the sport and to develop as a coach, team manager, or race organizer. All are welcome!

Prospective commissaires should be computer-literate in order to complete administration functions and interact with race technology. Strong communication skills are needed in order to enable prompt exchanges, provide clear instructions and give honest feedback.

Cycling BC will offer two commissaire courses in the new year:

Cycling BC Road Commissaire ‘C’ Course & Race Technology Training
January 26/27, 2019 – Vancouver, BC

The Road Commissaire ‘C’ course is a 2-day introduction to officiating in the road discipline. Cycling BC is running this course in collaboration with the Escape Velocity Cycling Club to provide race technology training for participants.

*Please note that the race technology subsection of this course will be delivered from 3:00 PM onwards on Sunday, January 27. It is available for free to existing commissaires who wish to learn more about how technology (Race DB and CrossMgr software) can be useful tools to support their roles. See the course description for more information.


Cycling BC Track Commissaire Development Course & Mentorship
January 17, 2019 – Burnaby, BC

The Track Commissaire ‘C’ course is an evening introduction to officiating in the road discipline. Cycling BC is running this course in collaboration with the Burnaby Velodrome Club and the Western Track Challenge to provide participants with mentorship experience in conjunction with the class material.


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