Event Sanctioning & Registration

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In order to support the growth of cycling events throughout the province, we offer several levels for event sanctioning and registration. These levels are designed to provide options for organizers and riders: from local grassroots series, to mass-participation fondos, all the way to the provincial, national, and international level events, drawing professional cyclists from across the province and around the world.

Please contact Thomas D’Arcy at thomas@cyclingbc.net for information about sanctioning/registering your event.


  • Sanctioned Events

    Cycling BC sanctioning is an official designation approving and licensing cycling events in the province of British Columbia consistent with UCI and Cycling Canada rules and regulations. Organizers who sanction their events with Cycling BC are committed to following the rules and regulations of the sport, to fair play, and to providing a safe environment for racers and spectators alike. As leaders in the community, organizers, clubs, volunteers, and race officials are working together to grow the sport of cycling in our province through sanctioned events.

    Benefits of sanctioning
    • Increased Prestige
    • Promotion in the provincial race calendar
    • Points awarded for category upgrades and provincial standings if ‘AA’/’AAA’ and ‘A’ if Cycling BC assigns or approves commissaires
    • Opportunity for inclusion in the BC Cup Series
    • Liability Insurance
    • Sport Accident Insurance Coverage for licensed riders
    • One-day event insurance available for unlicensed riders
    • Youth development
    • High performance projects

    Sanctioned races are split into three levels: A, AA, and AAA. Click here for more details.

  • How To Sanction Your Event

    Only events hosted by Cycling BC affiliated clubs and organizers are eligible for sanctioning. Membership in Cycling BC is required by all participants in Cycling BC sanctioned events. Membership is available by virtue of an annual Ride or Race license as well as single-event licences (if applicable for your event).

    The following steps are required in order to sanction or register your event:

    • STEP 1 – Become a member of Cycling BC. Register here. If you are an individual organizer, either yourself or another member of your organization needs to be a Cycling BC member. If the event is hosted by a provincial club that is a registered non-profit society, then all board members should be members of Cycling BC.
    • STEP 2 – Affiliate your club or organization with Cycling BC. Affiliate here.
    • STEP 3 – Review our sanctioning summary and determine which level of sanctioning or registration is suitable for your event. If you need help selecting the sanctioning type. Please contact thomas@cyclingbc.net
    • STEP 4 – When you are ready to sanction your event, please contact thomas@cyclingbc.net for an events consultation and complete your event sanctioning application via CCN.

    Note – Please be aware that you may be required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), a list of permitting parties (landowners, municipalities, provincial agencies, etc.) and a map of road closures if applicable. If you are serving alcohol at your event we will also require a copy of your liquor license.

  • Registered Events

    In order to support further growth of grassroots level racing in the province, organizers may choose to register, rather than sanction, their events. Registered events are run following best practices, and have fewer restrictions placed on categories and equipment regulations, in order to provide a more accessible entry point into racing for those new to the sport.

    Benefits of Registering an Event
    • Inclusion in provincial race calendar
    • Accessible entry point into the sport for new racers
    • Increased participation in grassroots events
    • Safe race environment, run to best practices
    • Liability insurance
    • Sport Accident insurance coverage for licensed riders
    • One-day event insurance available for unlicensed riders
    • Athlete development

    Registered events are split into two types: Grassroots, and Mass Participation. Click here for more details.

  • Sanction Fees

    2023 Event Sanctioning & Registration Fees

    A – Local Level A – Local Level AA AAA Grassroots
    Cycling BC Sponsored (commissaires provided) Club accredited ​(commissaires not provided) Provincial Level National/International Level max 50 riders
    1 to 3 races $280 /race $85 /race $405 /race $625 /race $40 /race
    4 to 8 races $205 /race $50 /race $305 /race $30 /race
    9-14 races $150 /race $40 /race $205 /race $25 /race
    15+ races $575 Flat fee $395 Flat fee


    Mass Participation Events

    Mass Participation Event registration is available to organizers hosting mass start events where no categories are offered.

    Mass Participation event registration pricing is based on the total number of participants, regardless of whether they are Cycling BC members or non-members.

    Mass Participation Events
    $200 flat fee plus a per-person fee for all non-Cycling BC members
    # of participants: 1-100 101-200 201-500 501+ participants:
    Base fee + per non-member fee: $200 + $6.25 per non-member $200 + $5.25 per non-member $200 + $4.25 per non-member Contact Cycling BC for pricing.


    Single Event Licences

    Single Event Licences are available for organizers hosting events where categories are offered. Single Event Licences holders are limited to racing in NOVICE (this is a continuation of past practice/expectation).

    Adult: $25 per race, to a maximum of 3 per calendar year. Upgrade to Cycling BC Ride license (possible to race in Novice Category) at 4th for an additional $18.00.

    Youth: $5 per race.  For 2023, there will be no cap; however, we ask that organizers encourage participants to consider an annual race licence so that they are eligible to amass points for upgrades.

    Please contact Thomas D’Arcy at thomas@cyclingbc.net for information about sanctioning/registering your event.

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