Registered Events

In order to support further growth of grassroots level racing in the province, organizers may choose to register, rather than sanction, their events.

In order to provide a more accessible entry point into racing for those new to the sport, registered events are run following best practices guidelines. Registered events have fewer restrictions placed on categories and equipment regulations, differing from sanctioned events, in which organizers and riders are required to follow Cycling Canada/UCI regulations.   Riders and organizers are covered under Cycling BC’s insurance policies. 

There are three types of registered events: Club Activities, Grassroots Events, and Mass Participation.

Registered Club / Team Activities

Registered Club or Team activities are reported to Cycling BC for review in order to be covered by our general liability insurance program. Activities can be group rides, on/off-bike training sessions, or any other club activity where multiple club members are involved. Participants are required to either have a current Cycling BC license, or to purchase a one-day Cycling BC licence through the event organizer (if offered). In order to facilitate the introduction of new riders to clubs, riders that are not part of the club and are not Cycling BC members may choose to participate in up to two registered club activities without having a licence. Non-members are required to fill out a release form.

There is no charge for Registered Club / Team Activities. This coverage is included in the provincial club / provincial trade team affiliation.

In order to register your Club / Team Activity, please fill out the online registered ride form.

Grassroots Events

Grassroots Activities are community-level rides or races which, unlike club activities, are also eligible to be offered to riders outside of the host club. In order to ensure Grassroots evens are carried out safely, they should not exceed 50 participants. Grassroots activities are included on the Cycling BC calendar. These activities are not officiated by commissaires, but organizers agree to run them following best practices. Participant are required to either have a current Cycling BC licence, or to purchase a one-day Cycling BC licence through the event organizer (if offered).


Mass Participation

Mass participation events are events such as charity rides, community events, fondos etc.  Cycling BC recognizes that mass participation events cannot feasibly require all participants to purchase a Cycling BC licence; however, organizers may still affiliate their event with Cycling BC, including inclusion on our provincial calendar, and inclusion in our insurance program. Mass Participation events are not restricted by maximum participation numbers.

Similar to Grassroots activities, these activities are not officiated by commissaires, but organizers agree to run them following best practices.

Register Your Event

Please contact Thomas D’Arcy at for information about sanctioning/registering your event.