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Announcing Cycling BC Partnership with NTSQ Sports Group

Cycling BC is proud to announce a recent partnership with NTSQ Sports Group Inc. to support event planning and development to assist with the growth of cycling within the province.

NTSQ will represent Cycling BC while supporting the vast array of events across all disciplines of the sport. We are excited by the partnership and looking forward to standardizing our services and programs for the benefit of organisers and competitors alike.

We will continue to work with our established event organisers who currently bring to the province’s riders so many wonderful competitions, as well as new organisers in an effort to foster the development of innovative and unique approaches to our traditional events.

The 2017 calendar is in its final stages of development and we look forward to announcing in the near future an exciting array of series, cups and championships with points and upgrades for many of the disciplines and categories.

Our mutual focus will be on building a sustainable plan to continue raising the quality of racing events throughout BC while creating pathways for development of riders, from the introductory stages through to our national cycling programs.

For more information, please contact Nic Tickner, NTSQ Sports Account Manager responsible for Cycling BC’s event development at