Cycling BC Accident Report Form

Submitting an Accident Report

Please provide a detailed record of the facts and any injuries or damages that occurred. Please note the distinction between a ‘minor’ incident and a ‘major’ incident below.

Minor incidents are usually non-life threatening and require minimal medical attention (such as the use of a first-aid kit). For example, this could include bruises, sprains, minor cuts, or strains. Minor incidents are reported for tracking and recording purposes. This also helps coaches or other sports leaders disclose the use of a first-aid kit in case future treatment is needed.

Major incidents are more serious and require extensive medical treatment including emergency care, hospitalization, or surgery. For example, this could include concussions, fractures, dislocations, dental damage, or significant lacerations. Only major incidents will trigger an insurance claim and an insurance adjuster will contact you following a major incident to file a claim—additional reporting and forms may be required by the insurance company.