Types of Affiliation

Cycling BC represents Affiliated Cycling Clubs throughout the province. We encourage cyclists to belong to a club as well as to Cycling BC because of the different benefits each provides. Clubs enrich cycling with their involvement in activities such as races, recreational events, group rides, and advocacy, working on a local level. Organizations may also affiliate with Cycling BC as a Supporting Business or Trade Team.

For clubs, there are a number of benefits to affiliating with Cycling BC: access to insurance for events, volunteers, directors, and members; exposure and promotion through our website, social media, and newsletters; a direct link to the largest group of organized and active cyclists in the province; and the right for riders to wear club and sponsor jerseys when racing.

Supporting Business

Supporting Business

A Supporting Business is for organizations wishing to sponsor select riders without the responsibility of an open club, or wanting to sanction an event. On site race support is not given and therefore a supporting business may choose to not assign a team manager or coach. Affiliation is only recognized in BC and is not included in Cycling BC’s National Insurance Program.

Provincial Club/Trade Team

Provincial Club

Affiliated clubs are not-for-profit groups that exist to organize cycling events for their members, have open memberships, and belong to their members. Each member must hold a current Cycling BC membership.

Trade Team

Trade Teams privately owned entities with a self-selected membership. On-site race support is often given to members including coaching, technical and managerial services.

Register Your Club, Team, or Business

Member Lookup

Verify the membership or licence status of a racer or club rider using our new member lookup tool.

Note: UCI licence ability categories are NOT CONFIRMED if an individual’s licence status is still listed as ‘processing’ or ‘manual hold’.


Director's & Officer's Insurance

Cycling BC affiliated clubs are eligible for Cycling BC Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance through Jones Brown.

The local team at Jones Brown Vancouver is active in the BC cycling community, as competitors, sponsors and spectators.  They know cycling, and we are happy to have them assist us on our insurance program.

In addition to managing the Cycling BC Insurance program, Jones Brown also offers a group Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability program for Cycling BC member clubs.

D&O liability insurance provides coverage for “wrongful acts” or “errors and omissions” of the club’s Board of Directors, Employees, Volunteers and officers while executing their duties in the service of the club.  As most not-for-profit organizations have limited resources to indemnify directors and officers or respond to potential litigation, settlements or damage awards, in the absence of D&O liability coverage, the personal assets of directors and officers are at risk, as well as those of the club. The premium rates for the Cycling BC program are significantly less than each club could negotiate outside of the program and we encourage all clubs to insure against this risk.

Jones Brown can help you protect yourself and assist you in obtaining or renewing your D&O insurance as a director or officer of your cycling club. Please contact Bill Semrau at 604-608-1198 or bsemrau@jonesbrown.com for more information.