Cycling BC Affiliation

Register your club, team, or supporting business with Cycling BC and become part of a community of cycling enthusiasts who have fun riding with friends, participating in races, attending grassroots events, and advocating for cycling. Join the movement!

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3 Types of Affiliation

Select the one that suits you best:

Provincial Club

Not-for-profit groups with board members, by-laws and a constitution

Owned by its members

Open membership (i.e. anyone can join)

Organize and arrange events including weekly group rides for members

Trade Team

Privately owned

Focused on racing and competition

Select membership (i.e. team selects who can join)

Provides coaching, equipment support, and team management services to team members

Organize training activities or sanction races for their team members or those of other clubs/teams

Supporting Business

Organizations that sponsor riders or events without the commitments of a cycling club or a trade team

Select membership (i.e. select their athletes)

Activities are not covered under Cycling BC’s insurance program unless the activity is a Cycling BC-sanctioned event

Supporting Business affiliation is only acknowledged in British Columbia

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