Provincial Club

Affiliated clubs are not-for-profit groups that have a minimum of three directors / board members, a set of by-laws and a constitution. Each member must be insured by holding a current Cycling BC licence. The club exists to organize cycling events for its members, has an open membership and belongs to members.

Club Affiliation Benefits

  • Official Recognition—the right for provincial Club riders to wear the club jersey
  • Club Acknowledgement—the right for the provincial club name to be on race licenses and results
  • Club Exposure—the right for the provincial club information to appear on the Cycling BC website
  • Club Awards—the right to accept Cycling BC club recognition awards
  • Rider’s Insurance Coverage—access to Cycling BC’s Insurance Program and coverage for all club riders
  • Director’s & Officer’s Insurance Coverage— the ability to access Cycling BC’s Insurance for all club directors and officers

Club Requirements

  • It is recommended that clubs be registered as a not-for-profit society, and all clubs are required to have a minimum or three directors/board members, a set of by-laws, and a constitution.
  • All board members must be members of Cycling BC.
  • All club members must be members of Cycling BC
  • All team managers, coaches, and staff must have a UCI technical license.
  • Jersey PDFs have been mailed to [email protected]
  • All scheduled club activities have been registered with Cycling BC (fill out details during online registration or email to [email protected])

Insurance FAQs

  • What type of insurance coverage do my club members have?

    Members of Cycling BC are covered by “secondary” ride accident and general liability insurance for sanctioned and provincial club registered events and activities.

    For a summary of the insurance program covering our members, click here.

  • When is the insurance valid?

    Club members are covered during registered club activities as listed on the club’s affiliation form. If additional club activities are added through the year, Cycling BC must be notified before the activities take place in order for the club and its members to be covered.

  • What type of insurance is included with a Technical Licence?

    The insurance provided is the same as in Question 1, but while working in a technical capacity for the affiliated Club. Some technical licences require certification i.e. NCCP, Provincial C Commissaire and require a Code of Conduct to be signed.

  • How do I report a medical claim?

    If an accident occurs while participating in a club activity, a club member has 30 days to report an injury. Please fill out the accident report form, available here.

  • Are bicycles and riding equipment of a rider covered?

    Personal belongings of members are NOT covered however Cycling BC does offer optional bike insurance for the loss/damage to bicycles.