Do I need a permit?

Do I need a permit for my cycling event?

This is perhaps the most common question we receive from prospective organizers. Permitting authorities include Cycling BC – the sanctioning body and insurer of cycling events – as well as the landowner(s) where your event will take place. All organizers wishing to have their events endorsed and insured by Cycling BC must obtain a Sanctioning Permit with exception for Club Activities where all participants are members of the host club. If your event charges an entry fee and/or is open to the public including Cycling BC members outside of your club, then a sanctioning permit must be obtained from Cycling BC. For more information about sanctioning your event please visit our sanctioning information page.

In addition to obtaining a sanctioning permit from Cycling BC, your event may require a permit from the landowner(s) responsible for the land where your event will take place. This may include any combination of the following:

  • a local municipality
  • regional district
  • BC ministry of transportation and infrastructure
  • BC ministry of forests, land and natural resources
  • a private landowner

Each permitting authority will have different criteria to determine whether or not your event requires a permit but in general if your event involves any of the below, you will likely need a permit:

  • Amplified sound
  • Installation of generators, tents, fencing, portable toilets or equipment
  • The activity is publicly advertised
  • You require exclusive use of an area other than a reservable facility
  • Your event occurs outside of park hours
  • The activity is for education purposes
  • The activity follows an organized route
  • Participants or spectators are charged a fee or minimum donation
  • Your activities may have an impact on other park/road users or surrounding residents
  • Any other commercial uses including vending of food, beverages or merchandise
  • Any impact to traffic flow

If you are unsure if your event will require a Cycling BC permit, or event/road/land use permit, then please contact us at 604-737-3034.