Coaching FAQ

Coaching FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are coaching modules available?

    Modules are available throughout the year, most often from March through May.

    Our NCCP schedule is typically announced each December with updates announced each quarter. Sign up for our Coach Development e-newsletter to stay up-to-date on all the happenings in the world of coaching. Subscribe now

  • How do I register for a module?

    Registration is done online through our event registration provider CCN.

    Once registered, you’ll receive an email with further details and any pre-event homework. Please check your email inbox and junk folders to ensure that your transaction was successful.

    Participants seeking a change to their registration should contact Cycling BC as soon as possible. Cancellations and refunds require at least 72-hours notice and non-refundable transaction fees will apply.

  • How do I know which coaching modules are available?

    Cycling BC delivers modules for the NCCP Community and Competition-Intro (Comp-Intro) contexts. Modules delivered by Cycling BC can be found on the Cycling BC events calendar.

    Cycling Canada, viaSport BC, and the Coaching Association of Canada are responsible for delivering modules in the NCCP Competition-Development (Comp-Dev) context. Please visit their respective websites to view their offerings.

    Cycling Canada

    viaSport NCCP Calendar + Home Study

    Coaching Association of Canada

    Modules, evaluations, and observations are conducted by Coach Developers.

  • How much do modules cost?

    Coaching modules delivered by Cycling BC will vary depending on their delivery method, length, and location.

    Duration Online In-Person @ Head Office In-Person @ Other Locations*
    <5 hours < $50 < $60 < $75
    7-8 hours < $100 < $100 < $125
    12-14 hours < $150 < $150 < $175

    Fees are subject to change.

    *Local clubs can help offset the cost of modules by providing a venue.

  • Can I request a module that is not currently being offered?

    If your registered club requires NCCP or Ride Leader training and our current schedule does not meet your needs, your club can apply to host an NCCP module on a preferred date.

    Applications must be submitted to Cycling BC head office either by November 1st if you are requesting a date in the following year, or 3 months prior to your requested date. We do our best to accommodate requests and require a minimum number of participants or a minimum flat fee rate that will cover the cost of the event. Please note, Ride Leader Training will be offered on a special request basis for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

    To request a date, please contact the Cycling BC NCCP Liaison at [email protected]

  • What is the minimum age to start coaching?

    14+ years old:

    • Can attend NCCP Community Coach and/or multi-sport modules
    • Can attend the iRide Leadership Program
    • Help as an assistant at a registered iRide After-School Program (U11)

    16+ years old:

    • Can partner with a fellow +16 fully-trained, NCCP Community Coach and iRide Instructor, to create their own iRide After-School program (U11) in the neighborhood. An adult liaison is required for your grant application.
    • Can attend NCCP Comp-Intro modules and work towards certification as a club coach. If you are 15 and wish to attend a Comp-Intro module, you can apply for a special exemption by email.
    • Can volunteer or work at a Youth Cycling Club (U13), based on their NCCP Comp-Intro status.

    +19 years old:

    • Can lead their own iRide After-School Program.  A criminal Record Check is required.
    • Can help as an iRide In-School or Summer Camp program.
  • What is my NCCP number?

    All coaches are assigned an NCCP number through the Coaching Association of Canada’s LOCKER system. Please ensure that you know your NCCP number before registering for a module. You can create an account here.

    Having trouble? View our quick-start guide

  • Where can I find a coach?

    Cycling BC’s coach database highlights active Cycling BC members that have achieved NCCP TRAINED or CERTIFIED status and have submitted a criminal record check.

  • Who can I talk to about coaching modules?

    Cycling BC’s Head of Coach Development can help you with any additional questions you have about coaching. Please Schedule A Call or send an e-mail to [email protected]