Become a Coach

In the Canadian sport system, there is an officially recognized process for becoming a coach known as the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

The NCCP gives coaches the knowledge, skills, and training they need to succeed. Designed for all coaches, the NCCP offers flexible pathways that lead to your preferred cycling coaching destination.

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Accreditation Management System

Our new system is designed to help streamline your training and certification journey. The process includes the purchase of your Cycling BC membership, background screening, and submission of previous learning credentials like first aid, instructor certifications, and more. Continue reading to learn more about what type of leadership role you wish to pursue and then begin the process @

Coach Education Pathway

Whether you’re looking to work with cyclists at the community level, with a cycling club, Gran Fondo riders, or competitive athletes, there’s an education pathway for you.

To begin your journey, match the athletes or programs you want to support with an education pathway using our illustrated summary, including prices. Then continue reading below for more information.

HopOn Instructor

Cycling BC members 14 years and older may participate in our 35-hour HopOn Instructor (ORANGE) pathway, including NCCP Community Coach Training.

The NCCP Community Initiation context is designed for leaders working with participants under 11 and outside organized club programs. Leaders use age-appropriate game-based activities to help pattern beginner and intermediate cycling skills for participants in the Active Start and FUNdamentals stage of Long-Term Development.

To achieve certification, HopOn instructors must complete additional training, including role-specific basic requirements. Once certified, additional mentorship is included throughout the season through weekly calls and monthly in-person observations. HopOn instructor training is heavily discounted and available only to official staff and registered after-school instructors. Learn how to become a HopOn Instructor here.


  1. Cycling Practice Planning
  2. Basic Cycling Skills
  3. HopOn eLearning & Orientation

Club Assistant Coach

Cycling BC members 15 years and older may participate in the 35-hour Club Assistant (YELLOW) pathway, including NCCP Competition-Introduction Coach Training.

The NCCP Competition-Introduction context is for leaders working with youth club athletes before the growth spurt or adult riders with 1-3 years of cycling experience. Leaders help participants in the Learn to Train stage of Long-Term Development learn intermediate sport-specific skills, develop an appreciation for training, and reinforce the importance of flexibility, leg speed, and manoeuvrability.

The Club Assistant Coach pathway is for leaders who wish to attend or lead youth club practices or adult skill development Learn to Ride/Race clinics:


  • Skills & Tactics Theory
  • Basic Cycling Skills
  • Skills & Tactics Practical
    • Choose one sport: Road, Track, BMX, Mtn. Bike

Club Certified Coach

Cycling BC members 15 years and older may participate in the 55-hour Club Certified Coach (GREEN) pathway, including NCCP Competition-Introduction Coach Training.

The NCCP Competition-Introduction context is for leaders working with youth club athletes during the growth spurt or adult riders with 3-6 years of cycling experience. Leaders help participants in the Train to Train stage of Long-Term Development learn advanced sport-specific skills, pattern comprehensive training habits, and reinforce the importance of aerobic conditioning, social connection, and mental health.

The Club Certified Coach pathway is for leaders who lead youth club programs, manage trade teams, or operate a private coaching business focusing on adult fitness and skill development.


  • Club Assistant (YELLOW) status
  • Training to Race
  • Evaluation

Performance Certified Coach

Cycling BC members 18 years and older may participate in the 95-hour Performance Certified (BLUE) pathway, including NCCP Competition-Development Coach Training.

The NCCP Competition-Development context is for leaders working with provincial and national team athletes pursuing cycling as their primary vocation. Leaders help participants in the Train to Compete and Train to Win stage of Long-Term Development master advanced sport-specific skills, develop healthy travel habits, and reinforce the importance of team building, work/life balance, and goal-oriented preparation.

The Performance Certified pathway is for leaders who support and lead provincial team projects or manage national trade teams and beyond.


  • Multi-Sport Modules
  • Performance Cycling Theory
  • Evaluation

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SafeSport & Coach Excellence Policy

Cycling BC believes that creating positive sports experiences is paramount to the growth and success of our sport. Therefore, Cycling BC has established and is enforcing this policy for individual members and affiliated clubs in leadership positions, including coaches, to drive and strengthen education, development, safety, and competitive results, and to create a better overall experience for coaches and participants in our sport.

Cycling BC members, clubs, teams, and affiliated businesses operating under Cycling BC’s insurance program are subject to Cycling BC’s SafeSport & Coach Excellence (SSCE) Policy. This document may also serve as a guide to all youth and adult cycling coaching in BC.

Cycling BC acknowledges and adheres to the British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC), and the Coaching Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaching Movement. What is Safesport? Learn more here.

Leaders working with U19 participants

Cycling BC requires all youth clubs and teams to employ, at a minimum:

  • 1 NCCP Club-certified (GREEN) or Performance-certified (BLUE) coach fulfilling the Head Coach or Club/Team Advisor. This person mentors Club Assistants and facilitates a healthy club/team culture.
  • All coaches and instructors leading practices must have at least a Club Assistant (YELLOW) certificate.

Leaders working with athletes of any age require a Cycling BC membership, a background screening (anyone 12+ years old), and ethics training pertinent to the athlete’s age:

  • Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz (RED and beyond)
  • Commit to Kids (GREEN)*
  • Safe Sport (WHITE, BLUE, BLACK)

Parents attending youth activities to support optimal adult: child ratios, and the Rule of Two, are required to register as a Cycling BC Chaperone (WHITE).

Leaders working with +19 participants

Cycling BC requires all instructors facilitating sanctioned Learn-to-Ride/Race clinics to hold a Club Assistant (YELLOW) certificate.

  • Club Assistant status includes one cycling coach theory module, 2 outdoor sessions, and numerous micro-eLearnings.
  • This new policy helps our coaching community work towards a standardized learn-to-ride and race curriculum and create safer, more welcoming introductions to cycling and cycling in a group.

Cycling BC recommends adult club members complete our Ride Leader training (MAROON) program.

  • This module helps cultivate a guiding club vision and plan safe group activities.
  • The module includes a zoom theory call, an outdoor ride, and a reflective journal.
  • We also recommend ride leaders complete an introductory 1-day First Aid course.

Provisions For Special Applicants

Schedule a call with Cycling BC to learn more about any of the below opportunities.

Certified Professional Mtn. Bike Instructors (PMBIA): Leaders with recognized PMBIA certifications may forgo the NCCP outdoor teaching modules and attend or lead club practices or learn-to-ride/race clinics as a Club Assistant Coach (YELLOW). Learn more about Cycling BC’s partnership agreement with the PMBIA.

Module Audit: To foster mentorship opportunities, certified Club coaches and ride leaders may return to repeat any previous module or an outstanding Club Skills module, free of charge. If spots are still available, registration opens seven days before an event. Request a discount code via email.

Club Coach Home Study: Cycling BC members with a history of cycling who cannot attend the regularly scheduled theory modules (Cycling Practice Planning, Skills and Tactics Theory, Training to Race) may apply to Cycling BC’s Home Study program. Cycling BC retains the right to decline an application. Contact Cycling BC to apply.

Club Coach Challenge: Leaders with NCCP education from another sport, including NCCP multi-sport modules or international coach education, may apply to CHALLENGE the pathway. Cycling Canada retains the right to decline an applicant’s request to pursue the challenge process. A challenge costs $250 to $335 and includes:

  • Making Ethical Decisions Quiz ($85)
  • Submit portfolio and pass online quiz & debrief call ($250)

Leaders with YELLOW status by way of PMBIA certification who wish to pursue the GREEN certificate must do so by officially challenging. Alternatively, attend the outdoor NCCP modules for mentorship purposes (free of charge), and the final theory module, Training to Race. Evaluation includes an online quiz and submitting and debriefing your written portfolio with Cycling Canada.

Coach Development Pathway

Designed to help you refine your coaching expertise in areas you find interesting.

Once you have completed your preferred Cycling BC education pathway, it’s time to explore ways to master skills and abilities relevant to your interests and maintain your coaching credentials in fun and learner-centred ways.

There are many choices available. You can participate in our Certified Coach Mentorship program (under development) and pursue mastery as an instructor, trainer, mentor, or manager. In addition, you can apply for Chartered Professional Coach status, enroll in the NCCP’s Advanced Coach Diploma, or pursue graduate studies at the University of British Columbia.

Schedule a call to chart the next step in your coaching journey.

  • On-Demand Professional Development: Attend standalone NCCP eLearning modules like ‘Mental Health in Sport.’ View all.
  • Chartered Professional Coach: Apply for ChPC accreditation in your LOCKER profile. NCCP Performance Head (BLUE) status is required (Comp-Dev certified).
  • Self-Directed Reading: Pursue a topic of interest and submit a 750-word reflective academic paper (APA 7 Style).

Facilitated Professional Development:

Advanced Coach Diploma: This 2-year part-time program is available for ‘trained’ (all modules complete) and ‘certified’ Performance (BLUE) coaches. It prepares you to operate in the Sport for Life’s Podium Pathway at the national and international levels. Two cohorts begin the diploma each calendar year. The Spring Cohort starts in March (application deadline January 31) and September (application deadline June 30).  ~$4000 CDN

Graduate Studies @ UBC: This 3-year flexible and blending learning program is available for Performance Head (BLUE) coaches (Comp-Dev certified) and five years of coaching or athletic experience in the podium pathway. Students complete a one-year HPCTL graduate certificate (~$7,000), followed by two years of graduate course work for the MHPCTL master’s degree (~$16,000)