• Provincial Team Info

    By virtue of its status as a “targeted sport” within the British Columbia Integrated Performance System (IPS), Cycling BC is eligible to nominate selected athletes and their coaches for enhanced benefits, programs and services support through the Canadian Sport Institute and the network of regional centres in BC.

    This is referred to as “Canadian Sport Institute/PacificSport Athlete and Coach Registration,” which provides athletes at various levels with funding and resources to pursue excellence. The Canadian Sport Institute & PacificSport services are broken into levels, each with a slate of designated services, some of which are free and others of which are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Please click on the following for an outline of Athlete and Coach Programs and services.

    Targeted athletes and their coaches apply to the Cycling BC High Performance program to be considered. Applications are reviewed by Cycling BC’s High-Performance Manager, and those applicants who meet the criteria outlined below are then put forward to the Canadian Sport Institute.

    Once you have been selected as a targeted athlete, you will be notified of your selection by the Cycling BC High-Performance Manager and will be provided with information on how to register with your local Canadian Sport Institute or Regional Centre.

    Athletes and coaches must register with their local centre to initiate the process, which will provide them with their athlete or coach card, which in turn, enables them to take advantage of the programs and support services to which they are entitled. Athletes who do not register with their centre may forfeit their ability to be selected to receive enhanced benefits, programs, and services the following year.

    There are four different levels of athlete benefits, programs and services offered, for more information please click here.

    To apply, go to High Performance Targeted Athlete Criteria & Selection

  • Cycling BC Athlete Assistance Program

    The Cycling BC Athlete Assistance Program (CBC AAP) is an athlete-centered program of financial assistance funded by Cycling BC. The program seeks to recognize high-performance athletes who are participating in programs offered through Cycling BC in recognized national or international competitions to relieve some of the pressures associated with training and competition needs.

    The focus of CBC AAP funding is for those athletes who are in the position to compete for Team BC at the Canada Games and who are not yet receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program funding (S1/S2 carding levels).

    Be sure to email Tara with the following after submitting your application online. Failure to provide a letter of support and training place will result in an incomplete application:

    • Letter of support from NCCP Certified Coach
    • 2021 Training Plan

    CBC AAP Application Form (closed)

    CBC AAP Application Deadline: TBA

    For more information on Cycling BC’s AAP please check out our selection criteria.

    If you have any questions or concerns please email the High-Performance Manager.

  • Anti-Doping

    Cycling Canada recently launched their Race Clean: OWN YOUR VICTORY program that is athlete driven. Cycling BC has created an Anti Doping Policy outlining our stance on the matter. All High Performance team athletes are required to read this document. Once selected to the team, you will be required to sign a document outlining you’ve read and fully understand the policy and the implications it will have on your racing career.

    From 2015 it will be MANDATORY for all Cycling BC High Performance Athletes to take the CCES Online Modules related to Anti-Doping. Begin the sign in/sign up process here if you wish to get started now. Please make sure that all certificates are forwarded on to the High Performance Manager.

    Other Anti-Doping Resources:

  • Concussion Awareness

    Concussions are a known injury in cycling and it can be difficult to know what to do if you suspect an athlete might have one. If concussions are understood and managed properly, including using a step by step return to play guideline, then the chance of persistent symptoms and complications can be drastically decreased and the athlete may return to full health quicker.

    Here are a few resources that can help you and your athlete ensure proper care is taken if a concussion is suspected or diagnosed.

    Pre-season Concussion Education Sheet

    Medical Assessment Letter

    Medical Clearance Letter

    Canadian Guidelines on Concussion in Sport

    Concussion Baseline Testing through BC’s online Advance Concussion Clinic.

    For more information for coaches, parents, and athletes, check out the Concussion Awareness Training Tool, including this online course + PDF booklet.

    To find a practitioner near you check out this list.

    Cycling BC adheres to Cycling Canada’s Concussion protocol. More information on the protocol can be found here and on Concussion Management here. Canada’s Guidelines on Concussion in Sport

  • External Sport Credentials Program

    Students can earn external credits towards graduation by taking courses, programs or activities that fall outside the normal B.C. school curriculum. External Sport Credentials are elective credits and cannot be used to substitute for required courses.

    Cycling BC is responsible for issuing verification letters to student-athletes who have:

    • Met the requirements of an approved athlete program
    • Received funding through the BC Athlete Assistance Program

    Team BC athletes who competed at the Canada Games will be sent a verification letter by the Sports Branch of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development shortly after the completion of the games.

    For more information and to see if you are eligible to check out the Ministry of Educations website here. To request a letter apply here.

    Student Responsibility

    • Student-athletes are required to contact the appropriate provincial sports organization to confirm involvement in an approved athlete program and to request a verification letter be sent to them
    • Athletes receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance need to contact their National Sports Organization to request a verification letter
    • Students are responsible for submitting the letter of verification of participation for External Sport Credentials to their high school counsellor
    • Students who earn External Sport Credentials prior to entering grade 10 need to file this documentation and present it once they have entered Grade 10 and are earning graduation credits
  • Coach Education & Maintenance

    Canadian Sport Institute Sport Performance Speaker Series: These events are free to attend and are intended to be an open exchange of information and to build upon your current knowledge of sport. The Sport Performance Speaker Series will feature expert presenters on topics related to sport performance and time will be given for a question and answer period.

    Cycling Canada Coach PD Opportunities: The Coaching Association of Canada, Cycling Canada and Cycling BC recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in Professional Development programs. Your Professional Development activities and points are tracked on your transcript in The Locker. As part of your ongoing commitment to coaching, all certified coaches will be required to maintain their certification by accumulating PD points over a set time frame. Click here for details about professional development.

  • Performance Points

    Performance Points are a collection of articles authored by Canadian Sport Institute’s in-house experts. They’re short, easy reads. Topics include athlete and life services, coaching and performance planning, mental performance, nutrition, performance analysis, physiology, prevention, strength & conditioning.

  • Cycling NextGen Program

    The Cycling NextGen program was created to support the implementation of Cycling Canada’s high performance development system in BC to ensure athletes and coaches are being trained to standards required to win Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship medals in the sport of cycling. The program is delivered in partnership between Own The Podium, Cycling Canada, Cycling BC, the Province of British Columbia, and the Canadian Sport Institute.

    Selected athletes will be provided the fundamental support to further their athletic goals, which will include sport-specific coaching, sport specific facility access, and sport medicine and sport science services.

    All cyclists in the Cycling NextGen program will continue to represent their club and/or trade team in all cycling competitions.

    About the NextGen Program

    About the Cycling NextGen Program

    Selection Process

    Find out more about the Cycling NextGen program selection process and eligibility.
    For more information about the Cycling NextGen program contact Jeff Ain.

  • Safe Sport

    As an accredited Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) by viaSport, Cycling BC acknowledges and adheres to the British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC).

    Cycling BC endorses a sports system that keeps participants in sport free of harassment, abuse, and discrimination. For several years, Cycling BC has committed to the Coaching Association of Canada’s Responsible Coaching Movement and has taken a pledge to implement policies and processes that adhere to three key areas of focus,

    1. The Rule of Two
    2. Background Screening (including Criminal Record Checks); and
    3. Respect and Ethics Training

    National Resources:

    The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC) Investigation Unit: a third-party that serves members of the national sport community in helping resolve disputes and ensures that sport organizations are not investigating their own members. This is a pilot project until March 2020, at which time it will be assessed.

    Canadian Sport Helpline: A national toll-free confidential helpline for victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse, and discrimination in sport where victims can speak in confidence to a neutral third-party to report concerns and get help. The helpline is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET), seven days a week at 1-888-83-SPORT (77678) or by email at [email protected].