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Cycling BC Introduces Rider Representative Policy

Empowering Riders, Enhancing Safety, & Engaging Community: Introducing Cycling BC’s Rider Representative Policy

Cycling BC is thrilled to announce the release of our 2024 Rider Representative Policy, designed to enhance communication and empower riders within the cycling race community. The purpose of having rider representatives for races is to have a system for riders to express their views on matters related to risk management and safety at Cycling BC-sanctioned events.

This comprehensive policy outlines the purpose, scope, composition, term, nomination, selection process, roles and responsibilities, reporting procedures, authority, decision-making processes, and additional guidelines for Riders Representatives. The policy also includes discipline-specific appendices with guidelines for that discipline.

Cycling BC acknowledges and thanks all the members of the cycling community who contributed to this initiative, especially the DH Riders Coalition, which spearheaded it. Cycling BC appreciates the opportunity to listen to ideas from community members and see the collaborative efforts come to fruition through initiatives such as this.

Through the Rider Representatives, Cycling BC aims to foster a transparent and inclusive environment, ensuring that rider voices are heard and valued.

View the Cycling BC Rider Representative Policy

Do you want to volunteer as a Rider Representative? Apply and submit your expression of interest.