Event Sanctioning

with Cycling BC

As a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) and governing body, one of Cycling BC’s key roles is to support and regulate cycling events by establishing a framework for which events and competitions take place, ensuring that they are safe, fair, and adhere to established rules and regulations set by Cycling BC, Cycling Canada, or the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

By sanctioning an event with Cycling BC, organizers ensure that the event meets minimum safety standards and provides a high-quality experience for participants.

For more information about event sanctioning with Cycling BC, please contact Cycling BC’s Event Operations Manager, Thomas D’Arcy (thomas@cyclingbc.net).

By sanctioning an event with Cycling BC, organizers can benefit from:

  • A recognized and established framework for competition
  • General liability insurance coverage
  • Access to a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  • Event listing on Cycling BC’s events calendar
  • Promotion of event by Cycling BC
  • Single-event licences (for non-Cycling BC members)
  • Assignment of Cycling BC commissaires (A-level events or higher)
  • Eligibility for riders to earn category upgrade points at your race
  • Eligibility to apply for Provincial Championships hosting
  • Access to timing equipment at discounted rates (Zone 4 Timing)
  • Access to Cycling BC event equipment: podiums, lap bell, flags, etc.

Please note: Event organizers must hold a current Cycling BC technical licence and affiliate with Cycling BC to sanction an event.

Five different sanctioning levels are available to support the growth of cycling events throughout the province.

  • Mass-Participation
  • Competitive
    • Grassroots
    • A-Local
    • AA-Provincial
    • AAA-National

Mass Participation Events

  • Fees are based on the number of non-Cycling BC member registrations for your event.
  • The $200 flat fee is charged during the sanctioning application.
  • Please note that the outstanding balance, which is based on the number of non-member registrations, will be invoiced to your organization after the event.
# Non-Members Per Non-Member Fee + Flat Fee = Total Price
1-100 $6.25 + $200 From $206.25 to $825.00
101-200 $5.25 + $200 From $730.25 to $1250.00
201-500 $4.25 + $200 From $1054.25 to $2325.00
501+ Contact Cycling BC for Pricing

Competitive Events (Grassroots, A, AA, AAA)

  • Fees are based on the number of sanctioned events.
  • For example, 3 Grassroots events = $120
# of Events Grassroots A
1-3 $40 $280 $405 $625
4-8 $30 $205 $305  
9-14 $25 $150 $205  
15+ $325      


Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase a UCI Technical License -> Select Event Organizer
  2. Affiliate your organization (choose ANY of our 3 types)
  3. Submit a Sanctioning Application

We also recommend checking out our Organizer Resources page to optimally prepare for your application.

To help encourage non-Cycling BC members to participate in sanctioned events, we offer a single-event license (SEL).

  • Mass-Participation Events:
    • Cycling BC Liability Release must be signed via Interpodia’s CCNBIKES platform (cyclingbc.net/waiver).
    • Organizers will be charged post-event.
  • Competitive Events (Grassroots, A, AA, AAA):
    • Adults:
      • $25 per event
      • Max. 3 per calendar year (then transition to an annual membership for $18)
    • Youth:
      • $5 per race.
      • For 2024, there will be no maximum; however, we ask that organizers encourage participants to purchase an annual race license to collect upgrade points.

Sanction Levels Compared

Mass Participation Grassroots A-Level (Local) AA-Level (Provincial) AAA-Level (National)
Types of Races Gran Fondos, Charity Rides Smaller events, races, or skills clinics Local weekly races or weekend events Provincial Championship, BC Cup National Championship, Canada Cup, UCI races
Max Participants Unlimited 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Commissaires assigned by Cycling BC
(minimum 2)

(minimum 3)

(minimum 4)
Cycling BC Licence Requirement

Liability waiver must be signed by non-members

Single-event licence available to non-members

Single-event licence available to non-members; Novice Only

Single-event licence available to non-members; novice only.

Single-event licence available to non-members; Novice Only.
General Liability Insurance
Race Categories
Race Eligible for Upgrade Points
Events Calendar Listing
Cycling BC Staff Support on Race Day
Electronic Timing Required

Let's get your event sanctioned!