NCCP Coaching

What is NCCP & why become a NCCP coach

Cycling BC’s coach development pathway is aligned with Cycling Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) which includes various programs designed to help coaches gain the skills and experience they need to succeed.

National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP) coaches are recognized as meeting or exceeding high technical and ethical standards embraced by more than 60 national sport organizations in Canada.

Whether you coach in your community, at a club, on a team or run a business, the NCCP is designed to help you demonstrate competency and adopt a life-long learner mentality.

Select A Coaching Role

Role NCCP Pathway Age of Riders Gran Fondo Riders Club Riders Competitive Racers
Volunteer Community All Ages
Club Comp-Intro +10
Provincial Comp-Dev +16
National CDAG +18
Ride Leader +19

Select a Pathway

Explore what courses are required to achieve coach status.

Trained:  all courses attended
Certified: all evaluative criteria passed

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Community Initiation

Cycling BC members who enjoy supporting recreational youth and adult programs should purse NCCP Community TRAINED status.

Training includes:

  • Initiation
  • Basic Cycling Skills

Administered by Cycling BC


Coaches working with Cycling BC youth club participants or adult riders participating in Gran Fondo events should pursue Competition-Introduction CERTIFIED status. This pathway is also designed for competition coaches of Masters racers, or trade-team managers responsible for leading a competitive program at sanctioned events.

Training includes:

  • Foundations                      (via Cycling Canada)
  • Basic Cycling Skills*
  • Skills and Tactics*            (choose 1 of the following: Mtn. Bike; Road; Track; BMX)
  • Make Ethical Decisions  (via CAC Locker account)
  • Nutrition                               (via CAC Locker account)
  • Training to Race*

Certification requires:

  • Portfolio
  • Online Evaluation

*Administered by Cycling BC


Professional coaches working with Cycling BC Provincial team athletes competing at the provincial and national levels should pursue Competition-Development CERTIFIED status.

Applications to Cycling Canada are required to attend the Performance Cycling Workshop and coaches can develop their resume by achieving certified status in Comp-Intro and building their coaching resume.

Training includes:

  • Performance Cycling Workshop*
  • Multi-Sport Modules (Search)
    • Coaching & Leading Effectively
    • Development Athletic Abilities
    • Prevention and Recovery
    • Leading Drug-Free Sport + CAC Locker Online Evaluation
    • Psychology of Performance
    • Managing Performance

Certification requires:

  • Coach Portfolio*
  • Formal Observation (Training Event)*
  • Formal Observation (Competition Event)*
  • Make Ethical Decisions (via CAC Locker account)
  • Online Modules: Plan a Project; Manage a Program*

*Administered by Cycling Canada

Competition High-Performance

Professional coaches working with Cycling Canada athletes competing at the national and international levels should pursue the Competition-Development Advanced Graduate coaching diploma.

Learn more at CSI Pacific.

Ride Leaders

Cycling BC members participating in recreational adult club rides can pursue our accredited Ride Leader training course and access resources to help create safer group cycling experiences.

This 6-hour non-NCCP stand-alone curriculum builds from our successful 2019 pilot project, to which Cycling BC would like to recognize content contributions and support from both Glotman Simpson cycling club and WOW Ride women’s cycling club.

Training includes:

  • Club Culture & Why Statements
  • Route Planning & Pre-Ride Briefing
  • Emergencies Situations
  • Group Riding Formations
  • Outdoor Practicum

Course Pricing

Starting in 2020, Cycling BC will offer flexible pricing for NCCP courses. Courses offered online or at our head office will use our base prices; however, courses that require travel costs and facility rental may be subject to our flexible pricing structure*. Courses are only available to Cycling BC members.

Local clubs can help reduce course pricing by hosting or organizing a meeting location.

Course Length Base Price Flexible Price*
Evening Only $50 $50-$75
1-Day $75 $75-$100
2-Day $100 $150-$200

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?

    Cycling BC provides training for community (Community Initiation) and club coaches (Competition-Introduction) while Cycling Canada and viaSport BC provide training for provincial coaches (Competition-Development).  Coaching courses and formal observations are conducted by Coach Developers.

    Access our coach resources to help you get started.

    Want to talk to a human? Schedule A Call

  • What is my NCCP number?

    All coaches are assigned an NCCP number through the Coaching Association of Canada’s LOCKER system. Please ensure that you know your NCCP number before registering for a course.

    Create an account here. Having trouble? View our quick 10-step guide

  • When are courses available?

    Courses are available throughout the calendar year, but are most often available from March until May.  Our annual catalogue and coach resources are announced in December each year, with additional updates announced each quarter.  Join our Coach Development newsletter to stay up-to-date (subscribe).

    Registration are completed online through CCN. Once registered, you’ll receive an automated email with further course details and pre-event homework. Please check your email to ensure that your transaction was successful. Participants seeking a change to their registration should contact Cycling BC; however, refunds require at least 72 hours notice and non-refundable transaction costs apply.

  • How can I request a course?

    If your registered club requires NCCP or Ride Leader training and our published course catalog does not meet your needs, clubs can apply to host an NCCP course on a preferred date.  To help us maximize our human resources, we request applications be submitted to our head office either:

    • November 1st
    • 3 months prior to the event date


    We will do our very best to accommodate your request. Applications require a minimum number of participants or a minimum flat fee that will cover the basic costs of the event.

  • I’m U19…how can I start coaching?

    Cycling BC members 14-15 years old can attend NCCP Community courses and shadow at youth clubs or iRide community programs as a prospective coach.

    Cycling BC members 16-18 years old can attend both NCCP Community and Comp-Intro courses and can help at youth clubs or iRide community programs as a volunteer or paid assistant coach.

  • Where can I find a coach?

    Cycling BC’s coach database highlights active Cycling BC members who have achieved TRAINED or CERTIFIED status and submitted a criminal record check.