Cycling BC Commissaires

What is a Commissaire?

Commissaires are the officials of cycling races. They support the safety of riders and are responsible for ensuring that a cycling race is conducted fairly and according to the rules. Commissaires are called upon at all levels across all disciplines.

If you are passionate about cycling sport, becoming a commissaire is a great way to support the growth of the sport at the provincial, national, or international level.

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Commissaires Responsibilities

In BC, all regional and provincial races are supervised by one or more Commissaires. Commissaires work as a team to uphold the sporting rules of a competition. They collaborate with organizers, announcers, technical delegates, timing companies, volunteers, safety marshals, and other staff to ensure the competition runs safely & smoothly.

Some of the commissaires’ duties include:

  • Overseeing the conduct of race participants including riders, coaches, managers, drivers, race staff, spectators, etc.
  • Enforcing the rules and taking appropriate actions to ensure fairness and the smooth running of the event
  • Working with organizers to ensure the safety of event participants
  • Carrying out checks on issues that may influence the results
  • Being responsible for the start procedures and finish order, as well as confirming times and general classification
  • Being responsible for all administrative processes such as registration, start list, results, and communication

Education and practical experience are key to developing commissaires. Cycling BC ensures that commissaires develop the appropriate competencies through a mix of theoretical education & practical learning.

Provincial-C status includes SafeSport pre-requisites, a discipline-specific eLearning module, and mentorship at 2 events.

Provincial-B status is awarded to commissaires who demonstrate competency across each commissaire role and receive a nomination from fellow commissaires and Cycling BC. This often takes 5+ events or 1-2 seasons.

Provincial-A status is available for Cycling BC-nominated commissaires who complete the 4-hour video-call module, and pass an 30-question online quiz, and an in-person observation when fulfilling the role of the President of the Commissaire’s Panel (PCP) at a Cycling BC-sanctioned competition.

  • The one-hour online exam covers general regulations, equipment, clothing, and more. Questions are randomly selected from a pool for each category.

National status requires a Cycling BC nomination, a discipline-specific in-person module, a written examination and an observation at a national or international event. As of March 22, 2024, the national pathway process is being revised (read memo). National Elite status is also available in some disciplines, as shown in the illustration above.

Achieving UCI International status is a significant accomplishment. This process requires a Cycling Canada nomination, participation in a 10-day in-person course (usually 1 available per continent or in Switzerland), exams, and comprehensive observations at international events. Watch a video about British Columbia’s Wayne Pomerio.

Joining our commissaire team provides opportunities for cycling enthusiasts to support local competitions and work in a friendly environment. Our team includes experienced provincial, national, and international/UCI commissaires who can provide mentorship throughout your journey.  Join our team and learn from some of Canada’s top cycling experts.

Steps to Become a Commissaire:

1. Schedule a call

We encourage anyone interested in becoming a commissaire to first contact us so we can appropriately guide you and answer any of your questions. Schedule a call or email us at

2. Background & Education

Once we have had our call, you will be required to take the next steps including:

3. Licence & Experience

After you have completed the background and education requirements above, you will receive confirmation and approval from Cycling BC to:

  • Purchase a UCI Technical License using a discount code (100% covered by Cycling BC)
  • Complete a two-event requirement as a trainee commissaire under the supervision of an experienced commissaire

When all the steps mentioned above are complete, you will be fully prepared to act as a Provincial C-level commissaire and execute commissaire duties at various events.

If you are interested in advancing to higher levels of the Commissaire Education Pathway, such as national and international levels, please contact us for more information.

Commissaire Post-Event Report (to be completed by the President of the Commissaire Panel within 7 days of the race)

Communique Template

In this special feature, you’ll meet UCI International Commissaire Paul Watson as he takes us through a day in his life as a commissaire, shedding a light on the vital role of commissaires in para-cycling specifically, and cycling as a whole.

Dive into the world of commissaires with “On the Road of the Commissaires”, a captivating glimpse into the world of commissaire event preparation, communication, and teamwork.


Former BC resident and Cycling BC commissaire, Wayne Pomario, started as a local Commissaire in South Africa 26 years ago and is now one of the world’s top-ranked International Commissaires. As a Commissaire, Wayne has travelled the globe to officiate at the Tour Down Under, Giro d’Italia, Tour de l’Avenir, Tour of Britain, Pan Am Games, Road World Championships and Track World Championships.

Watch Wayne in action as he presides over the Junior Women’s race during the 2015 World Road Championships:

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