Member Insurance

Membership in Cycling BC includes “secondary” Ride Accident insurance for injuries sustained while cycling and General Liability insurance for sanctioned events and activities.

  • Ride Accident for Injuries/Medical Expenses – included for all members while cycling in Canada or the U.S—it is worth noting that only treatment conducted in Canada is covered. Members should obtain Travel Insurance for out-of-country medical expenses. This does not include lawsuits (see General Liability below).
  • General Liability –  included for all teams, clubs and members for lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage (to a vehicle, for example) to a third party during approved Cycling BC sanctioned events and activities, including Cycling BC-affiliated club rides. If the incident takes place during a commute or a personal ride that is not sanctioned, then members should contact their home or renters insurance companies to determine any potential coverage.
  • Errors and Omissions – a Professional Liability policy included for all teams, clubs and members covering certain legal claims for purely economic damages arising out of the performance of a club/member, with no accompanying bodily or property damage.
  • Director’s and Officer’s Liability – optional add-on for clubs to cover their board of directors against potential legal claims. If you requested Director’s and Officer’s Insurance during your application, please download and complete this application form and email it to We will connect you with our insurance broker to streamline your application.

Download a summary of the Cycling BC Insurance Program (PDF) – Note: The document title indicates the year 2023; the program is the same for 2024.

For all coverage-related enquiries, please contact Gallagher directly at 604-608-6323 for more information.

A claim for reimbursement can be made in the event that your existing medical coverage or extended medical plan does not cover certain medical expenses.

It is the responsibility of the Insured (or parent/guardian in the case of a minor) to:

  • complete the accident report online form in full
  • have the attending dentist or physician complete the applicable form for reimbursement of dental or medical expenses
  • submit the completed claim form to Cycling BC at for their signed certification

Watch our Cycling BC Membership Insurance Information Session: