Member Insurance


Membership in Cycling BC includes “secondary” sport accident  and general liability insurance for sanctioned events and activities. Members are also covered by the new 24/7 Personal Accident insurance. A summary of the insurance program covering Cycling BC members will be available on this page soon.

In the meantime,  please contact Erin Waugh at Cycling BC at 604-737-3034 for more information.

A claim for reimbursement can be made in the event that your existing medical coverage or extended medical plan does not cover certain medical expenses.  It is the responsibility of the Insured (or parent/guardian in the case of a minor) to:

  • complete the accident report form in full
  • have the attending dentist or physician complete the applicable form for reimbursement of dental or medical expenses
  • submit the completed claim form to Cycling BC at for their signed certification



Accident Forms

The below is to be filled out by the organizer/commissaire/event rep/first aid attendant at a sanctioned Cycling BC race (independent of the rider):

Accident Report Form

If you need to submit a claim for medical expenses, please use the below form, to be filled in by your doctor or medical practitioner:

Accident Details Medical Report Form