Youth Zone

Our youth development programs are designed to help youth develop physical literacy skills, build an appreciation for healthy living, create lasting friendships through shared experiences, and support their cycling goals.

HopOn Programs

Includes in-school, extra-curricular and summer camp programs that introduce children to all styles of cycling. Rebranded from iRide in 2022.

Fun, Safe, Intro to Cycling
Beginner: 6-16 yr

Youth Clubs

Youth Clubs are lead by NCCP-trained coaches and support riders over a 10-16 week season. Club programs include recreational and entry-level competition programs and may focus on more than one discipline of cycling.

Explore All Disciplines, Try a Race
Intermediate: 6-18 yr

High Performance

High Performance is focused on helping teenage racers reach the highest level of the sport they desire. Riders work with a comprehensive support network to help them represent our province on the national and international stage.

Represent BC on the National Stage
Advanced: +13 yr