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Cycling BC operates development and performance programs for competitive cyclists at the Train To Train level through to the Learn to Win stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) to help them develop to their full potential. These athletes will be supported by accessible, equitable, beneficial development programs (including provincial team camps and projects, coaching, and integrated specialist services). Selection processes are equitable and allow selective competition schedules. Athlete performance data is collected and analyzed to maximize individual athlete development across multiple LTAD stages.

Targeted athletes will be offered opportunities to develop through the Provincial Development and Performance pathways from Youth through Elite.  The goal of development is to transition BC athletes to National Team performances.  Talented athletes with the potential to succeed will be developed with gradually increasing contact time, commitment, and access to high-performance services that are aligned with best practices of long-term athlete development. Athletes will be selected, based on published criteria below that is consistent with the aims set for each project.

Provincial Team Selection Criteria & Application

Stay tuned for 2019 selection criteria and applications.

Long Term Athlete Development

Cycling BC’s Long-term athlete development (LTAD) model presents a progressive pathway for athletes to optimize their development according to recognized stages in human physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive maturation.

Cycling Canada has worked closely with the 5 Olympic disciplines to create cycling sports specific LTAD documents. These documents target the specific pathway for athletes, coaches and officials within the LTAD framework.

Click here for a copy of the Cycling Canada LTAD Document.

Click below for information on one of the 4 sports specific LTAD documents:

MTB-XC Cycling

Track Cycling

BMX Cycling

Para Cycling

Cycling BC has worked closely within the LTAD framework to create the following initiatives to help support LTAD in BC:


Youth Road and MTB Series