HP Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in High Performance & Development programs in cycling. If we can help you navigate through all the information, please contact us at (604) 737-3034 or by e-mail at info@cyclingbc.net. In the meantime, here is a list of questions we are frequently asked along with the answers you may be looking for.

What is the Targeted Athlete list?

The targeted athlete list has all the same benefits and perks of being on what was previously referred to as our provincial team, and will now include testing opportunities, nutrition consultation, and education, S&C consultation and prescription, and mental training consultation and education for those athletes targeted in the Canadian development and Provincial Development 1 tiers. All the tiers will have access to grant opportunities for their personal or private coaches for professional development, and grant opportunities for the club that your coach coaches for.

Our list is valid from February 1st – January 31st of the following year. If you have not applied, you still can. However, applications are only able to be resubmitted once per month. This list allows athletes who hit the criteria throughout the year to access these services and benefits.

How old do you need to be to apply?

This list is open to athletes ages 14 and over for Canadian Development and Provincial Development 1 & 2. Athletes in the BMX Development stream are ages 9-13.

What do each of the development levels mean?

Canadian Development – Athletes targeted at this level have been identified by Cycling Canada as a NextGen or National Team prospect, have achieved a top 10 performance at Junior, U23, or Elite World Championships in their discipline and a top 5 result in a UCI sanctioning event within 3% of the winning time.

Provincial Development 1 – Athletes targeted at this level have attended World Championships, won a medal at National Championships, represented Canada on the Jr./U23 team and achieved a top 10 result at a UCI sanctioned event within 5% of the winning time.

Provincial Development 2 – Top 20% at National Championships within 5% of the winning time, are a provincial champion in U15, U17, U19, U23 and completed the skill development matrix as found here in Appendix A.

BMX Development – The top two athletes in each each group for male and female, using National Championships, Provincial Championships, BC Cup overalls, and USA BMX Standings are selected and notified. More info on that selection criteria can be found under the targeted athlete selection criteria.

What does being on the Targeted Athlete list offer?

• Training camps
• External Sport Credential Program
• Athlete Assistance Program
• Coaching
• Physiological testing*
• Mental Trainer Consultation and Education*
• Nutrition Consultation and Education*
• S&C and Education*
• Access to local fitness facilities
• Access to discounted groceries, depending on your region
• Community partners unique to your region – contact your regional centre for more info on that
• Medical resources
• Grants and Bursaries
• Athlete Advance Conference
• Sport Performance Speaker Series
• Anti Doping information
• Language training
• And plenty of other athlete resources that you can find out about from your local centre

*Canadian Development athletes, some PD 1 athletes

How do I apply?

Athletes can apply here under the targeted info section. Please be sure to read through the criteria to have a better understanding of what is required to be nominated and some of the great services and benefits that come with being on the targeted athlete list.

How can I represent BC at a race?

Cycling BC will select athletes based on published criteria for most major Canadian races, including National Championships, Canada Cups, Abitibi and select out-of-province/country training camps. Athletes are selected using both subjective and objective criteria.

Where can I find out more information about the services and benefits offered through Cycling BC?

We have a resources tab here that is jam-packed with educational tidbits, including anti-doping and concussion awareness, resources to help fund your training through the athlete assistance program, and much more. Take a look to find out more.

Where can I find out information on training camps and race projects are taking place?

Training camp and project information can be found here. It includes the discipline, the date, location, focus or goals, and selection information. You can also email your regional coach or the Athlete Development Manager for more information.

Where can I find selection information?

Selection information will be posted here under the event if selection criteria is being used.