Organizer Resources

Application Prep:

Please ensure you have the below documents prepared for your sanctioning application:

If necessary, you may also need to prepare the following:

  • Map of road closures (needed 28 days before the event)
  • Apply for a liquor permit (click here)
  • Promotion materials (logo, feature image).

Event Registration:

When choosing where to host your event registration, there are two options:

OPTION 1: Use Interpodia’s CCNBIKES system.

  • We strongly recommend using Interpodia’s system.
  • Benefits include:
    • The best way to guarantee that your sanctioned event complies with our insurance requirements (i.e., Grassroots are capped at 50 athletes per event). Please note that compliance with all insurance requirements is important to maintaining insurance coverage for your event.
    • Streamlines the experience for your registrants – they use ONE LINK.
    • Ensures all registrants have a Cycling BC membership or a single-event license.
    • Registration rules are integrated so everyone is in the right category.
    • New WAITLIST function
  • New for 2024, Cycling BC will be exclusively responsible for setting up License Reg Rules. Please contact instead of Interpodia.

OPTION 2: Use another system (BikeReg, Zone4, etc.)

  • Online registration lists must be provided via email before the event.
  • A complete registration list must be provided via email within 72 hours of the event.
  • During event check-in:
    • Cycling BC Memberships are verified or
    • Participants must provide proof of purchase of a Single-Event License (or request a report from Cycling BC).
  • Your registration platform must include this link to the Cycling BC Single-Event License if applicable (

Event Prep:

Please use the below documents to prepare for your upcoming event:

Event Wrap-Up:

Use the resources below to complete post-event reporting:

  • Report any accidents (
  • Submit race registration lists (if hosting event reg on a non-Interpodia platform)
  • Submit organizer post-event report (link available March 1st, 2024)