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Cycling BC Releases 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

The plan outlines key focus areas for the next three years as well as a fresh new vision for the organization.

Following an extensive consultation and development process, Cycling BC is excited to officially release its 2022–2024 Strategic Plan. The plan was approved by Cycling BC’s board of directors and sets out the organizations strategic priorities for the next three years as we work to advance the sport.

Using the Sport For Life Long Term Development framework and supplemented by Cycling Canada’s Strategic Plan, the Cycling BC Strategic Plan outlines the organization’s priorities under two main streams—Competitive for Life and Fit for Life—with a few key focus areas for each.

“With the understanding that Cycling BC is part of a bigger system that supports cycling in our province but also in Canada and the world, it was a priority to align our strategy with those of our key partners in this system,” said Matt Usborne, Chair of Cycling BC’s Board of Directors. “Our strategic plan recognizes the importance of the competitive stream and the participation stream throughout a participant’s life-long engagement in our sport.”

The key focus areas under each stream include,

  • Competitive for Life
    • Building capacity
    • Providing strong sport governance
    • Providing a wider variety of opportunities for competition
  • Fit for Life
    • Programming for a diverse audience
    • Fostering partnerships
    • Providing member value

The strategy was founded on consultation and input from Cycling BC’s key stakeholders as we gathered feedback from member surveys, e-mails, individual meetings with members & partner organizations, open group discussions, and meetings with the Cycling BC staff and CEO. As we pulled all the information together, we were able to ascertain Cycling BC’s current strengths, opportunities, areas for improvement, aspirations for the future and their potential impact.

In addition to identifying key priorities, a new vision for Cycling BC was also born in the process: For BC cyclists to take pride in being part of our community at every age, every level, and in every region. 

The strategic planning process started in early 2021 and the priorities for the plan began to take shape during a series of board meetings held throughout the spring. The board finalized the proposed strategic plan and approved it this autumn. 

With the plan in place, Cycling BC staff are laying the groundwork to begin taking action on the plan’s priorities in the new year.

“On behalf of the board, I would like to thank all our members, athletes, coaches, officials, staff, partners, and other stakeholders who contributed to the evolution and development of this plan,” said Usborne. “The strategic plan provides us with a clear direction towards what we want to achieve and how we intend to achieve it.”

Download Cycling BC’s 2022–2024 Strategic Plan