Provincial Trade Team

Trade Teams are privately owned entities with a select membership focused on racing and competition. Members of trade teams often receive coaching, equipment support, and team management services. Trade Teams typically organize training activities or sanction races either for their own members, members of other clubs, teams, or UCI/CCA licence holders. Trade Team athletes must hold a UCI Race Licence.

Provincial Trade Team Affiliation Benefits

  • Official Recognition—the right for trade team riders to compete in the trade team jersey, as per UCI regulations
  • Team Acknowledgement—the right for the provincial trade team name to be on race licences and results
  • Team Exposure—the right for the provincial trade team information to appear on the Cycling BC website
  • Eligibility for sport grants and funding opportunities
  • Access to insurance coverage for events, volunteers, directors, and members
  • Errors and Ommissions Insurance—covering certain legal claims for economic damages arising out of the performance of a club/member, with no accompanying bodily or property damage.
  • Director’s & Officer’s Insurance Coverage (optional add-on)— the ability to access Cycling BC’s Insurance for all team owners, directors and officers

Insurance FAQs

  • Can you provide information on the insurance coverage that trade teams receive?


    Cycling clubs and teams affiliated with Cycling BC are protected by the Cycling BC General Liability insurance. This insurance covers the legal responsibility of the club or team if it is alleged to have caused bodily injury or property damage to a third party during a sanctioned Cycling BC event, including club group rides.

    Individually, team members—when they register for a Cycling BC licence—are also protected with General Liability insurance during their participation in Cycling BC-affiliated team events and activities. Cycling BC licence-holders are also covered by Cycling BC’s Ride Accident insurance policy covering medical costs for injuries sustained while riding a bike anywhere in Canada or the contiguous United States. Please note that only treatment conducted in Canada is covered. Members should obtain Travel Insurance for out-of-country medical expenses.

    For clubs to cover their board of directors against potential legal claims.

    • If you requested Director’s and Officer’s Insurance during your application, please download and complete this application form and email it to We will connect you with our insurance broker to streamline your application.

    For a summary of the insurance program covering our members, click here.

  • When is the insurance valid?

    As a member of a trade team and a holder of a race licence, you are covered under the General Liability insurance while participating in team training activities that are registered and listed on your team’s affiliation form, as well as during Cycling Canada or Cycling BC-sanctioned events. It is the shared responsibility of the club and individual members to ensure that the scheduled activity or event has been registered and approved by Cycling BC.

    The Ride Accident insurance covers Cycling BC members 24/7 for injuries sustained while riding a bike anywhere in Canada or the contiguous (lower 48) United States. This includes coverage for injuries sustained during sanctioned activities or non-sanctioned activities (i.e. personal rides). It is important to note that the treatment covered must be conducted in Canada—Cycling BC members should still obtain Travel Insurance for out-of-country medical expenses.


  • What type of insurance is included with a Technical Licence?

    The insurance provided is the same as in Question 1, but while working in a technical capacity for the affiliated Trade Team. Some technical licences require certification i.e. NCCP, Provincial C Commissaire and require a Code of Conduct to be signed.

    Cycling BC members fulfilling a role of leadership at any registered/sanctioned Cycling BC activity must hold the relevant UCI Technical Licence to access the General Liability insurance coverage.

    Use the Cycling BC Accreditation Management System to complete SafeSport, education, and role-specific requirements for a UCI Technical Licence. All UCI Technical License holders are listed on Cycling BC’s Accreditation Registry.

  • How do I report a medical claim?

    If an accident occurs while participating in a trade team activity, a trade team member has 30 days to report an injury. Ride leaders, instructors, and coaches are expected to submit accident reports within 1-7 days, depending on the severity of the accident.

    The first step in the process is submitting an Accident Report Form to Cycling BC. Visit to complete the form.

  • Are bicycles and riding equipment of a rider covered?

    Personal belongings of members are NOT covered.