Cycling BC Safe Sport Incident Report Form

Cycling BC is committed to ensuring that all of our participants are able to enjoy the sport in a safe and inclusive environment that is free of abuse, harassment, and discrimination. A safe environment is a shared responsibility of each individual member of our cycling community.

For provincial team and Cycling BC events/activities-related concerns, please complete the following form and submit it. This form will be received by the Cycling BC Executive Director.

An individual who files a complaint has the following responsibilities:

  • To report the incident(s) as soon as possible, especially if their safety and/or the safety of others is at risk;
  • To provide as much detail as possible about the alleged conduct, including the date, time, and location of the incident(s), the name of the person alleged to have engaged in misconduct, details of what happened and/or what was said, names of any witnesses, description of action taken (if any), and copies of any documents that may be relevant, e.g., a letter, email, or note that pertains to any matter in issue;
  • To cooperate fully in the investigation and resolution of any concerns, incidents, and complaints;
  • To uphold the strict confidentiality of all individuals involved in the matter; and,
  • To refrain from knowingly submitting a false, malicious, or vexatious report of misconduct or complaint to Cycling BC.

For more information, please review the appropriate Cycling BC policy that may be found here. If you have questions or concerns prior to submission, please contact Cycling BC’s at