2016 BC Premier Cyclocross Series

Series Winners




Conor Martin Elite Men TaG Cycling Race Team
Sandra Walter Elite Women Liv/Giant Canada
Andrew Coelho Intermediate Men Glotman Simpson Cycling
Lindsey Von Bloedau Intermediate Women Steed Cycles
Quinn Anderson Master Men Mighty Riders
Andrea Scott Master Women Steed Cycles
Dan Driediger Novice Men Independent
Dayna Seaward Novice Women Independent
Richard Machhein Single Speed Open Team Giant Vancouver
Michael Meade U19 Men Cannondale pb Fortius
Annelise Lapointe U19 Women Independent
Evan Russell U17 Men TaG Cycling Race Team
Elle Bush U17 Women Phoenix Velo Training Group
Manu Moore U15 Men DEVO pb Fortius
Astrid Wuerr U15 Women Independent
Cam McCallum U13 Men DEVO pb Fortius
Geza Rodgers U13 Women DEVO pb Fortius


Sept. 24 & 25 Whistler CX Whistler, BC
Oct. 2 West Coast Racing // Trek Red Truck Vanier Park Cx Vancouver, BC
Oct. 23 Valley Cross – Cultus Lake  Cultus Lake, BC
Oct. 30 Pumpkin Cross Maple Ridge, BC
Nov. 20 Valley Cross  Mill Lake Park, BC


Series Standing


  • Elite Men and Women
  • Master Men and Women 40+ (40 as of December 31, 2017)
  • Intermediate Men and Women
  • Beginner Men and Women
  • Single Speed
  • U13 to U19 Boys and Girls

Category Structure & Race Duration

Categories are self-seeding.   It is the responsibility of the rider to race in the category which best matches their skills, experience and fitness level.

Some category guidelines are:

  • Elite – Cat 1, 2 and strong Cat 3 and Junior riders.
  • Intermediate – Cat 3, 4 riders with cyclocross racing experience.
  • Beginner – Novice riders, first timers and those just entering the sport.
  • Master 40+ – For those who are 40 years of age as of December 31, 2017.
  • Racers age is considered age as of December 31, 2017.


Race Duration

Elite (A)




Master Men 40+

60 min

45 min

45 min

Intermediate (B) Men


Master Women 40+

Single Speed

U19, U17 Boys and Girls

45 min

45 min

45 min

45 min

45 min

Beginner (C) Novice Men

Novice Women

U15, U13 Boys and Girls

30 min

30 min

30 min

Kids Race Laps of modified course



Recommended Schedule



Beginner (C) Men 10:00 am
Beginner (C) Women 10:02 am
Youth (U13 to I15) 10:04 am
Elite (A) Men 11:00 am
Master Men 40+ 11:02 am
Elite (A) Women 11:04 am
Beginner/Youth Podium
11:15 am
Kids Race 12 pm
Elite/Master Men Podium
12:15 pm
Intermediate (B) Men 12:30 pm
U19/U17 Men 12:32 pm
Intermediate Women 12:32 pm
Master 40+ Women 12:32 pm
U19/U17 Women 12:32 pm
Single Speed 12:34 pm
Final Podium
1:30 pm
*Start times and category groupings are subject to change. If this occurs, we will email all pre-registered races regarding the changes. These changes will be posted at the race.

Category Upgrade

A riders accumulating 2 wins or 3 top five finishes in races within a specific category will be required to up-grade to the next category level. It is the responsibility of the riders to self-upgrade.

For categories averaging 10 or less riders, 3 wins brings an automatic up-grade. All riders are eligible to appeal any up-grade.

Master 40 + riders with the required up-grade requirements are recommended to race with the Elite group, but not required.

Lapped Riders

All lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the first place finisher. If there are 45+ in a category, lapped riders may be pulled by the commissaire.

Series Points Structure

Points will be awarded to the top 75 finishers according to the points table below. In the case of a tie, placing at the last race of the series will be considered the tie breaker.

In the case of a category up-grade, riders will be permitted to carry 50% of their points over to the next category. Once upgraded, the rider is no longer part of the previous category ranking.

Each rider’s best 5 out of 6 races will count towards their final series standings.

Points will be published on the Cycling BC calendar no later than the 4 days following a series race.



Points Calculation

Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points
1 200 21 60 41 35 61 15
2 175 22 58 42 34 62 14
3 155 23 56 43 33 63 13
4 140 24 54 44 32 64 12
5 130 25 52 45 31 65 11
6 120 26 50 46 30 66 10
7 115 27 49 47 29 67 9
8 110 28 48 48 28 68 8
9 105 29 47 49 27 69 7
10 100 30 46 50 26 70 6
11 95 31 45 51 25 71 5
12 90 32 44 52 24 72 4
13 85 33 43 53 23 73 3
14 80 34 42 54 22 74 2
15 75 35 41 55 21 75 and under 1
16 71 36 40 56 20
17 69 37 39 57 19
18 66 38 38 58 18
19 64 39 37 59 17
20 62 40 36 60 16


Riders are eligible to race Beginner, Intermediate, Master, and Single Speed categories with a Cycling BC provincial race license.

Elite (A) riders must hold a UCI race license.

One-day licenses will also be available for $5 (youth) and $10 (adult).

US riders with domestic license can purchase a one-day license for $12.   Proof of out-of-country medical coverage is also required.


Presentation of the overall series winner will be awarded at the end of the series.

There will be equal prizing for men and women.

Riders must wear cycling apparel in accordance with UCI rules for final award presentation.  Failure to do so will result in loss of award.

All athletes who have placed on the podium must attend the ceremonies. Failure to do so will result in loss of award.



Podium & Awards

All riders receiving awards are required to attend the podium presentation, and wear proper cycling attire (clean cycling kit), as per UCI rules.   In theme based races, which involve costumes, your team/club jersey is still required. Failure to do so can result in loss of prize or award.

Particular to cyclocross – UCI rules 5.1.055 reads that for the official ceremony those involved are permitted to wear additional clothing.


There will be a minimum of two Commissaires attending BC Premier Series races.

Bike Requirements

Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to equipment. This is to help prepare our Elite racers for Nationals and other UCI races.

Mountain bikes will be limited to beginner categories. Riders in categories other than Elite may race on a mountain bike, but will not be eligible for series points if doing so.

Due to hosting venues, fat bikes will not be eligible for series points.

Other than the above restrictions, there are no additional restrictions in regards to type of bike or tire size for Beginner and Intermediate races.

Race Course Etiquette

Riders are not permitted to ride on courses prior to race day, unless special permission is granted.  Courses may also be subject to modification or cancellation due to heavy rain, snow or weather below -15º C.

It is also suggested that all racers allow extra time post-race to assist organizers with clean up and restore the race site.


2015 Premier CX Series

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