2018 BC Premier Cyclocross Series

The 2018 Premier Cyclocross (CX) Series is comprised of a series of races, giving racers the opportunity to accumulate points at each race, chasing the opportunity to ultimately be crowned the BC Premier Cyclocross Series winner.


To Be Announced

Series Standing

To Be Announced


  • Elite Men and Women
  • Master Men and Women 40+*
  • Intermediate Men and Women
  • Beginner Men and Women
  • Single Speed
  • U13 to U19 Boys and Girls*

* Age as of December 31, 2019


US riders with domestic license can purchase a one-day licence for $12, if offered by the organizer.  Proof of out-of-country medical coverage is also required.  One day insurance will allow riders into beginner categories.

Category Structure

Categories are self-seeding. It is the responsibility of the rider to race in the category that best matches their skills, experience, and fitness level.

Some category guidelines are:

Elite Cat 1, 2, and strong Cat 3 and Junior riders
Intermediate Cat 3, and Cat 4 riders with cyclocross racing experience
Beginner Novice riders, first timers, and those just entering the sport
Master 40+ For those riders who are 40 years of age as of December 31, 2019
Age categories Race age is your age as of December 31, 2019

Race Duration

Elite (A) Men


Master Men 40+

60 min

45 min

45 min

Intermediate (B) Men


Master Women 40+

Single Speed

U19, U17 Boys and Girls

45 min

45 min

45 min

45 min

45 min

Beginner (C) Novice Men

Novice Women

U15, U13 Boys and Girls

30 min

30 min

30 min

Kids Race Laps of modified course

Race Course Etiquette

Riders are not permitted to ride on courses prior to race day, unless special permission is granted. Courses may also be subject to modification or cancellation due to heavy rain, snow or weather below -15º C.

It is also suggested that all racers allow extra time post-race to assist organizers with cleaning up and restoring the race site.

Bike Requirements

Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to equipment. This is to help prepare our Elite racers for Nationals and other UCI races.

Mountain bikes will be limited to beginner categories. Riders in categories other than Elite may race on a mountain bike, but will not be eligible for series points if doing so.

Due to hosting venues, fat bikes will not be eligible for series points.

Other than the above restrictions, there are no additional restrictions in regards to type of bike or tire size for Beginner and Intermediate races.

Podium & Awards

All riders receiving awards are required to attend the podium presentation, and wear proper cycling attire (clean cycling kit), as per UCI rules.  In theme-based races involving costumes, your team/club jersey is still required.  Failure to do so can result in loss of prize or award.

Particular to cyclocross – UCI rules 5.1.055 reads that for the official ceremony those involved are permitted to wear additional clothing.


Presentation of the overall series winners will be awarded at the end of the series.  There will be equal prizing for men and women.

Riders must wear cycling apparel in accordance with UCI rules for final award presentation. Failure to do so will result in loss of award.

All athletes who have placed on the podium must attend the ceremonies. Failure to do so will result in loss of award.


There will be a minimum of two commissaires officiating each BC Premier Series race.