BC Cup Virtual Race Series

Cycling BC, in collaboration with the Echelon Racing Promotions, is pleased to announce the return of the BC Cup Virtual Race Series.

The virtual BC Cup will provide a platform for riders of all levels to stay connected, committed, and will continue to build on the camaraderie of the cycling community.

The series will consist of 3 events between February and March on the RGT Cycling online platform and will be open to men and women at all levels including pro team riders and amateur cycling enthusiasts alike.

Riders are welcome to participate on a race-to-race basis, however, as a BC Cup, riders will have a chance to accumulate points based on their results after each race, chasing the opportunity to ultimately be crowned the BC Cup Virtual Race Series winner.

Series Schedule & Courses

Technical Guide

Cycling BC is pleased to feature a diverse line up of courses for the second edition of the Virtual BC Cup. The first race will showcase an Iconic Colorado race course, the Iron Horse which will pit racers against a steam engine travelling from Durango to Silverton. Returning for year two is Canary Warf, the crit racers’ favorite. This course is situated in a vibrant urban centre. The relatively technical course will require racers to react to attacks out of the corners while keeping their position in mind coming into the finish.

The third race in the series will make use of RGT’s unique magic roads function which turns your favorite local IRL route into an immersive virtual course. Participants will likely know this route well as it combines the route from Vancouver’s Stanley Park along Marine Drive to Horseshoe Bay then carries on along the Sea to Sky Hwy to Squamish. The first half will feature non-stop rolling terrain while the back half of the race brings the challenging and sustained climbs out of Furry Creek and Britannia Beach.

In order to preview the Magic Roads route of Stanley Park to Squamish, use the Magic Roads ID below using your RGT premium account.

Race & Registration link Date Course Course Distance / Elevation
#1 – Road Race


Saturday February 19 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic 27.8km / 300m
#2 – Criterium


Saturday February 26 Canary Warf 1km / 5m
#3 – Road Race*


Magic Roads ID:

Sunday March 6 RGT Magic road:
Vancouver to Squamish
65km / 1050m



Racers may seed themselves into the most appropriate category based on the eligibility criteria listed below.

Note that performance verification is required for Category A racers. The top finishers as well as randomly selected racers will be asked to share performance data. Performance verification is voluntary but recommended for all other categories. Top performers in the open women’s category will also be asked to provide performance data. See tech guide for more information on performance verification.


Priority 1


Priority 2

License Category

Price for licensed racers**


Price for non-members
A 4+ w/kg Cat 1/2/3 free $5 per race
B 3-3.9 w/kg Cat 3/4 free $5 per race
C <3 w/kg Cat 4/5 free $5 per race
Open Women* All abilities All categories free $5 per race

*Female racers have the option to race women’s open field or suitable category based on power output.

** Registration is free for members of Cycling BC and other UCI-affiliated provincial or national cycling federations. This includes cycling associations from all Canadian provinces and territories and USA Cycling.

Series Information

RGT Platform

RGT Cycling is a virtual reality cycling simulator that is available for PC, Mac, and Apple TV. It is used in conjunction with iOS and Android Apps and supported training hardware. Users from around the world are able to Go Beyond and connect, ride, race and train together in a virtual reality that creates the real-life cycling experience using advanced physics and better drafting.

RGT believes the future of digital cycling is as an open platform accessible to all cyclists. Therefore, using RGT’s basic features, including joining races and groups rides, is free.

Technical Support Links

RGT getting started guide (Apps and how to)

RGT compatibility

RGT system support guide (accessibility, resolution and connectivity issues)

Performance verification through ebiopassport.com


  • Real life winner’s jersey for series winners in all categories.

livestream info

All races and categories will be streaming live online with live commentating by Brad Sohner and guests.

Livestreamed via

Cycling BC Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CyclingBC

Cycling BC Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0Pg-WT91xv1slM9943Jfw

Echelon Racing Promotion Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXU_M_7fYfWYgCkGM_yVtA

Other resources

Race website –  https://cyclingbc.net

Results website – RBTDB.com

Photos – https://tlbvelophotography.pixieset.com/

Race Day Schedule

Date Time PT Time ET Race Title Course Laps
19-Feb-22 1130 1430 Cycling BC Race 1 Cat A IronHorse 3
19-Feb-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 1 Cat B IronHorse 2
19-Feb-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 1 Cat C IronHorse 1
19-Feb-22 1030 1330 Cycling BC Race 1 Womens Open IronHorse 2
26-Feb-22 1130 1430 Cycling BC Race 2 Cat A Canary Wharf 44
26-Feb-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 2 Cat B Canary Wharf 36
26-Feb-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 2 Cat C Canary Wharf 30
26-Feb-22 1030 1330 Cycling BC Race 2 Womens Open Canary Wharf 36
06-Mar-22 1130 1430 Cycling BC Race 3 Cat A Sea to Sky to Squamish 1
06-Mar-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 3 Cat B Sea to Sky to Squamish 1
06-Mar-22 900 1200 Cycling BC Race 3 Cat C Sea to Sky to Squamish 1
06-Mar-22 1030 1330 Cycling BC Race 3 Womens Open Sea to Sky to Squamish 1