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Podcast Episode 14: Cycling with a Greater Purpose featuring Eric Hill

In this episode of the Cycling BC podcast, we chat with elite pro cyclist Eric Hill of the Project Echelon Racing Team.

Eric is the Team Director of the race team and is also President & Co-founder of the Project Echelon non-profit organization that EDUCATES, EQUIPS, and EMPOWERS veterans and their communities through physical activity, self-discovery, and relationships.

In the midst of the global pandemic, Eric launched The Echelon Racing League and Echelon Racing Promotions, utilizing the virtual cycling space as a conduit for community, growth, engagement, and keeping the spirit of competition alive during these unprecedented times. This spring 2021, Echelon Racing Promotions and Cycling BC are delivering the first-ever BC Cup Virtual Race Series presented by Cobotix on the RGT Cycling platform.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Cycling BC podcast with Eric Hill.

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